How To Make $500 a Week Trading Options on Robinhood!

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How To Make $500 a Week Options Trading on Robinhood!

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In this video, I show you guys the strategy that I use to make $500 a week from trading options on Robinhood! The Stock Market is an awesome place to add some additional income to your life. Whether you goal is to trade full time, part time or just build your account in the background as you live your life, this strategy could benefit you well!

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LoganLaj says:

Make sure you leave a like on this video as always! Tons of my videos coming out soon!!

Jithesh George says:

What is the strategy mate

Alex Rivera says:

If you let the spreads expire worthless can you still get assigned on expiration day?

KDTv says:

Hey man! I really like what you have to say, I have some questions on calls. Anyway I can get in touch with you?

michael green says:

Thanks for the video. Outside of watching your videos what are some learning materials you’d suggest that you’ve use to learn the ins and outs of trading options. You sound like you have a deeper understanding than the average person. Any books, courses, schooling etc…?

God Loves You says:

How do u do credit spread and how to apply jj robinhood and webull?

ABC says:

Please help me. Donations needed so survive I am not a bot. Please leave a comment. I am not a scammer. Thank you very much I am willing to work for any money please and thank you. I do not have any money to invest. I have tried everything nothing works.! Please let me have a chance to get a wonderful Christmas 🤶

Stevie Dee says:

One more question, how do you make money from spreads?

Eric Sarton says:

are credit spreads safer than options or about the same? I’m not rly familiar with what credit spreads are, will have to do some research

dcsnake10 says:

Hey , thanks for all your videos and information. I was wondering is you do live videos with option calls that we can follow? I have been doing option calls for about 1 month, so I'm still fairly new. I seen many videos and have decided you are 1 of the few that are honest and realistic. Not shooting for the stars just want extra income. I'm trying to do the same but I haven't been doing so well. Ill continue to follow you. I just wanted to know where I can follow you live if possible so I can look at what you seeing as its happening so I can study a little more. Thanks again and great job

Stevie Dee says:

Thank you! Which trading software for technical analysis do you use?

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