How To Make $500+ Day Trading Stocks (During Stock Market Crash 2020)

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How to make $ 500-day trading stocks, not for beginners, Today you will witness a historic day, apart from day trading live and coming out with over $500+ , the whole stock market crashed and being halted to stop it from crashing further which I wasn’t aware of, This is our usual how to make $500 day trading stocks tutorial but in a bear market while the stock market is crashing. Join the chat room and course here

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Day trading tutorial for beginners in the stock market step-by-step

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Smashy smashy if you got some value and if you’re confused about why I’m shorting these stocks and why I’m entering the position where I entered in the video then just look at the price action on the screen which repeats itself and has repeated itself in other videos.


Zed Monopoly says:

FYI chat room shows 1 hour behind, laptop is clocked to Ireland, currently on another big rock 1 hour ahead:)
Join the chat and learn how to trade
Smashy smashy and join your boy on instagram @ simplyzedd

Rosaline Carie says:

My crypto portfolio has just skyrocketed! Just found out the value is up a whooping 30% right now. I was right to gear my account towards cryptocurrencies. They are here to stay guys!

Ismael Rodriguez says:

Good stuff brother man…

lisa svensson says:

Interesting video. What is the differend between Trading Forex and Trading Stocks? Plz Explain to me

TaureanKing says:

what broker is Zed currently using now?

TaureanKing says:

Besides the coronavirus effect on CCL, was there other negative news that they released on CCL that monopoly was so sure it was gonna go down? or he was just based on the virus?

G Santi says:

Where ya been bro!?? Glad to see u making these again!!!!

Nata A says:

Any suggested brokers for US traders to short CFDS?

FeeNeeX says:

What broker are you using?

speedbird006 says:

Premarket today is already crazy. The beginner like me is probably better to stay away until things get calm down.

SaraH says:

Hey Zed, I just recently discovered you and I've been tuned in every day ever since. I think your videos are very insightful and I like how honest and down-to-earth you seem. Thanks for the great content! Also, which platform are you currently using? I know you mentioned having used Robinhood in the past but don't recommend it. I personally use TOS but it looks like the one displayed in this video is much more user-friendly.

Alice says:

Was paper trading the same counter on webull and the price suddenly stopped moving. I thought the app had hanged…hmm

test says:

Bro – I would suggest you to give a session on the best trading platform to use which benefits everyone , it would be of great help. TIA

Mr B says:

Best trainer on youtube period and really down to earth learned alot from zed 2 thumbs up …………….

Danny Barnett says:

smashing that likey 5 secs in

CcherryNjx says:

Nice video 🦋

CultureWitty says:

what broker are you using mate?

mcspankyotool says:

Was a crazy day no doubt.. glad i teade along side you and the team. 👍🤑👍🍻

Batuhan Ozmutus says:

Only channel that i "smashy smashy" the like button before i watch the video! love your content zed keep going love from turkish living in Dublin

Dwayne Hkh says:

Anyone know what the best broker would be living in Ireland? Any problems from trading in Ireland?

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