How To Make $500+ Day Trading Stocks From Home (The Zed Monopoly Trading Strategy)

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How to make $500 in just 1 minute day trading stocks. Today’s trade was the fastest trade I’ve ever showcased on this channel with a pattern introduced. This video will show you my exact process step by step when it comes to trading the stock market everyday. Join the chat room & learn how I trade here

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How to trade stocks for beginners

Instagram @ Simplyzedd

Day trading stocks can be risky however when you find a strategy and a pattern that narrows the risk and gives us an edge over the market with a higher success rate everyday.

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Zed Monopoly says:

Join the chat room and course here

Instagram @ Simplyzedd

here's a full tutorial for beginners

R J says:

you invest over $28.000 I need a long time step by step to build up account to reach that goal. Anyway Thanks for showing us

Tobias Linnenbrink says:

Just had my first profitable month (January) by using your trading style! – February already started MUCH more profitable after avoiding last months mistakes, mostly because I don't stick to your rules. Keep on doing it your way and lets get de money! Thanks Zed and Monopoly Fam!

I says:

if anyone is here from TORONTO.
and willing to trade with me for a day or two, you name the place, and time, ill be there. please shoot me an email. You must be part of Zed's team.
Cheers fam.

Brenda L says:

What about Questrade?

ricketyrawd dawg says:

This is the best honest on trading today for me!!

Bob miller says:

Practice trading on webull, 4 trades in 2 days with great results. Awesome zed

Ryan Michaelangelo Favale says:

What is the email address to purchase the course mate

Mike Mendrala says:

I’m still really confused on how to find the good stocks.

Angel Camacho says:

How much is your course Zed? I’ve been watching your channel for a while

Ben Eyles says:

What is the trading platform you are using

SoySauceLee says:

How long are you stating in Toronto for? Have you moved there?

kevin wehn says:

Thanks for your Video and your content Bro, Love you ❤️

Gemini says:

Ack saw my name yumc lol. Ah man should of been trading the twitter. Thanks for the video Zed even though I was red I learn so much everyday.

John Hudson says:

Hi Zed, another great video. I have just 1 question. You chose ELF because you said it matches your trading strategy, But….you mentioned in a previous video of the importance of the stock having a large volume. ELF had a relatively small volume in comparison with other market movers. Can you explain why you still chose it, thx.

Joe Fixit says:

Bro!!!! WTF?!?!?!?! How do you trade on price action like that??? That's how I want to do it just watch the candle, watch the price, then either buy, sell, or get out. BAM. simple

Defused Official says:

keep this up brother!

SEA4 Spearfishing - 113K says:

"I apologize in advance if my speech is slurred in this video however im Irish"
This is what I heard in my head Zed hahahah, you are a god among men. Keep it up brother, RESPECT!

Maria Galloway says:

CMEG is excellent for USA to avoid the PDT rule!

Ben Heathcote says:

Always learn somthing from you videos 🤑👍👌

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