How To Make $500 in 10 Minutes a Day Trading Stocks … The Stock Market

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How to make $500 in 8 minutes trading the stock market with zed monopoly. Today We go through my thinking process and how i pick stocks to trade before stock market open. Learn how i trade.

Day trading is not easy. However anyone with a little bit of will can day trade and earn a living. Check out the rest of my tutorials below.

How to trade stocks

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Zed Monopoly says:

Here's the scanner you seen in the video

And watch this tutorial to learn about my trading style more

and then come come

Ben Jackson says:

After having watched and been pretty much subscribed to most day trading channels, I'll say yours is…easy. And that's the way it should be. No indicators, not constantly flipping back and forth through charts, no alerts, ect. Just simple, easy trades, following the trend. I like it.

Cristian Lomeli says:

Does anyone know what trading platform he uses to execute his positions?

Sami S. says:

Zed is the kinda guy who goes to a party with 2 condoms and come back with 5.

Bill Griggs says:

Cheers Zed another SMASHY SMASHY

Adam R says:

I saw you in my dream yesterday. We became good friends.

Romeo Lives says:

10 minutes a day keeps the 9-5 away! We love you mate! Thank you!

MandNsvideos665 says:

Oh my god aphria is the exact stock i traded. Got out quick and took my first profit!

racem says:

Zed thank you for everything may allah bless you, but please try not to increase the course price it was 195 and now its 245 and it will increase again, i'm trying to get the course but the price in my country is x3 so its 735 tnd. Thank you again for ur vids its life changing, just need that juice course inchalla. Much love

Will says:

Amazing!!! More videos like this plz Zed… Straight away practicing your $ucce$$ strategy. Tks for the master class

Zahra Khataw says:

Great job Zed; thanks for sharing!!

Nada Fazal says:

Great video zeddy 👏🏼👍🏽

pronoun GOAT says:

What website is that chart from where you can buy and sell ?

Red Monk says:

Zed is the real deal, no shiny objects, no leased lambos, no hired models just straight knowledge

Apexay says:

I love the way he pronounces pattern PATERIN

R J says:

Why APHA you choose? There is other stocks who is moved more then APHA? Thanks.

SirSergio says:

Lol this guy wakes up makes 500 and goes back to sleep😂 inspired to do the same one day

sidraah khan says:

Thanx zed for the vedio

JJ 2020 says:

Anyone short GS this morning?

SirSergio says:

Quit gaming recently to trade stocks Whats the discord? Thanks!

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