How to Make 500% in 5-months Trading Options

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In this quick training video you will learn the power of trading options using a live back-tested case study on the NUGT — Exchange Traded Fund that showcases an OTM long vertical “LEAPS” call spread that makes a 500% return in five months.

You will see a glimpse into the LEAPS trading strategy of buying a long vertical call spread for a 1-year time duration. This is a top 5 trading strategy that is used inside the Options Trader Club for smart longer-term trading setups.

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Once you learn some of the key “defined-risk” options trading strategies to use as a professional trader, you will become equipped with the power and knowledge to make smart trading decisions that will work in up, down, and sideways markets.

Enjoy and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or leave a comment! Easiest way to contact is via the contact submission form on

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Learn how to trade the Stock Market like a professional using the power and leverage of options with the Option Trading Coach!

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John options says:

Educative and informative back testing of NUGT. One important aspect of the NUGT video is the comprehensive idea. Fast forward to current and let me do some forward testing. Chart of oil has a lot similarities with NUGT in the back testing video. Thinking of going in with a LEAP still deciding on time frame. Any response will be appreciated.

Karim Nanji says:

Thank you!! I have learnt alot from you..I wish you and yours all the success and happiness:-)

Joseph J Kozma says:

I pulled up a chart of NUGT and it looks nothing like yours. I use TOS. On 8/1/16 my price chart shows it at $33.29.

Japheth Kisangau says:

I love your honesty and teachings …kudos

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