How To Make $500 In A Few Minutes

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An overall disappointing trade, but still good to see it all unfold live, Level 2 analysis straight from my DVD so study up! RPRX also had a delayed morning panic down to 2.67, nothing huge, but delayed panics can happen too so it’s good to know


kosai19 says:

You should also mention that your brokerage fee was around $110 (based on the 19,000 shares that I saw on your screen, and I think IB charges about $6 per 1K shares).  With stock trading you normally pay 10%-25% of profits to your broker (for people who scalp).  That's why I prefer forex, you can use the same strategy and pay 2% or less of your profits to the broker.

Sebastian ! says:

How much % do you risk per trade?

The Finger says:

What's your opinion on shorting $AMD? massive spike between Thursday and Friday (up about 50%). Wording used by the CEO is indicative of her disbelief in her companies ability to maintain their current status.

Evan Diebel says:

Tim, did you jump on EBIO yesterday? 68% gain in one day is pretty crazy… Wonder if now is the time to short or if it will keep going up

Andre Barros says:

holy shit, i need to start investing in fking penny stocks and try my luck, and start understanding the market…. can anyone tell me if i only need to by low and sell high, or buy high to short the shares and cover them low ? are these the only 2 options? sry my grammar and (ignorance?)

Milinda Weerasinghe says:

Hi Tim, Can you please make a video and discuss how you do you manage you accounting and taxs for stock for the end of year. Thx

Brecht DE WEIRDT says:

Sniper! Ideal moment, just finished #LEVEL2 DVD, thanks and good night

Soham Thakor says:

Which software is this?

pablo escandon says:

There are so many things I can't concentrate

Timothy Sykes says:

A TON of you are asking for more live trading videos…guys, I do them weekly for students so get into my Trading Challenge and you'll get live trading videos/webinars not just from me but my top students too!

John Rouse says:

please, please make more live videos. Thank you!

adesireforyou says:

Tim i really appreciate your videos, they help me a lot. I wanted to know…..Do you think RPRX can go up any further or its pretty much dead ? what are your thoughts on this ? What would you advise someone holding shares of this ?

ConditionBlack says:

What trading platform is this

Larry says:

Loved this video, you should do more of these! Thanks

Ksenia Asatryan says:

I like that you short in your trading room. I was in one room where they did not allow to mention shorting. So I left.

Tadej Topič says:

Great video :)

eman7188 says:

How can this be learned step by step?

Duarte Fernandes says:

What broker you use ?

Miguel Mendes de Almeida says:

Love it, Tim? Can you more of these live videos trading on the market? Awesome stuff

Joshua Chan says:

Thanks for the awesome tips Tim! Im in your virtual trading floor and hope to get in your trading challenge! 😁

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