How To Make $600 in Minutes Day Trading The Stock Market

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Today I show you how I trade the stock market from home and Made $600 profit, when day trading stocks there is no specific figure that you can make everyday it can be $200 or it can be a $1000. Learn How To trade like me and join the discord chat with other traders & students .

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Day trading tutorial for beginners

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Zed Monopoly says:

Join the chat room and learn how i trade

3 Steps to becoming successful in the stock market

Nine G says:

How do you know when the stock is gonna pull back?

Ibraheem Aziz says:

Trading platform he uses is called XTB give me a like if this helped you

Andrew Chen says:

Good trading method

JetBlackThreat says:

I try to use CityIndex but it won't let me sign up from USA ?

BaNI says:

How much money do you trade with

Cliff Lee says:

Is that margin account ?? I'm just newbie thanks.

VToM says:

Zed, if you gonna be a Woman, gonna Marry you..hahaha..
I appreciate so much you and your videos, how and what you teach for us. You talked about me in one of your video in Mai. I start trade from February, with a big success. In the beginning I tryed to create "my style", which worked well, but something was missing, but even made 1 or 2 mistakes only a month. 2 weeks ago I promised myself, I will follow ONLY your strategy. I started to watch your videos from the first, I made a ZedMonopoly weekends, only with your videos, and tryed to learn and understand everything so much as possible. After the video Marathon, I started it. Now I have 6 trades behind me…. 6 GREEN..
So I just want to say THANK YOU!!
If somebody gonna ask me, what was the best thing in 2019, gonna answer: to find your channel..

benni MAIER says:

You have to take Profit, very important.

Gambin says:

Thankyou tal vogue

Marguerite Gargiulo says:

When it comes down to making money from stock trading, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to learning and when i say learning, i do not mean watching tutorials or articles, there are many indices these tutorials won't tell you or your average trader won't even be aware of. to be honest, my best advice to an inexperienced person is to get a professional to help you. you will lose money on your own FACT, that's why i trade with Harry Clark, yet to see anyone better, reach him(harryclark304@gmailcom

The nerd says:

Thank you Zed for being so thoughtful and transparent with your viewers/newbie traders. Your honesty and general straightforward mentality has helped me corrected my thought process when it comes to analyzing a stock. Thank you, good sir.

I am paper trading for practice for now, but I will keep you posted. 🙂

bobbros21 says:

Who the f*ck are the 10 dislikes? 😂

Peter Olszowy says:

Do you ever trade options?

aaa2782 says:

You put $20,000 down for $600

Anthony Magana says:

Hey man what broker do you use?

nikonxxx says:

Are u turkish?

racem says:

you zed, thank you for the videos, please 1 question, what is the time frame that you use to analyse the chart before trading and while trading. Thank you so much

Angelo Marchelletta says:

We all eating pringles this morning lol Monopoly FAM!!!!

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