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How to trade penny stocks and make a 9-5 salary in one day! today we review a stock I gave you previously $SELB. Penny stocks for beginners.

How to make money online trading PENNY STOCKS FOR BEGINNERS 2018.


Zed Monopoly says:

get weekly alerts on the stocks I'll be trading & become a patreon for exclusive access to my strategy

philip Burkill says:

The Man with the plan is back. GODDAMN ! Praise be.

interests10 says:

Do you actually buy the shares??

Coinfox says:

Yep saw your video when you called it and saw the spike just like you said. I even tested your strategy on other earnings reports. OLED AINC and boom same thing. Thanks for all the honest info. I'd love to learn more from you. You're the real deal.

Documentary Man says:

How much money need to get into penny stocks can i start with 100$ !?

Kay Hershey says:

Hello guys do you want to make money? Contact me at (917) 525-2361

new era says:

Hey I love your videos !
I live in Germany.
I want to paper trade but I don't know what platform to use !

Uhm Ava says:

which site to trade penny stocks help please?

evan matthews says:

Which route do I have to sign up for to be able to talk to you 1v1 seeing as that's the path of maximum retention for me? You are a gem Zaid! I cant't wait to learn more from you. Thank you so much for sharing the energy/knowledge.

Nola 45 says:

I have a serious question? I will be one of your students soon you are the truth. I notice your accounts have alot of US dollars. A beginner such as myself starting with $50.00 dollars using robin hood app what is the best way to go…How should I invest all my money which will be $50.00 to $100.00 dollars.

joe haughton says:

how long does it normally take for the positive news of a trial to be reflected in share price?

Ronnie Cra says:

sadly not everyone has $8000 to drop down on any given day…I'm sure plenty of people would appreciate advice for those just starting out….with less money to throw down…

uig fyrf says:

Please can you tell me how i can trade penny stocks in europe ?(not in us), i searched online and no one seems to know, the only thing i found is robinhood is expanding globally…

Back BENCH Student says:

Hii bro I am Chandru from India and IAM a day trader, I like u r videos whenever I have free time I will watch u r videos

daniel Tkachenko says:

Hello Zaid how you doing?I have a question so a lot of times company would beat earnings and then all of sudden the stock price goes down same day. They other video you showed how you bought the stocks at 9:30 and sold it 5 minutes later, however isn't a gamble? or how do you suggest to reduce this risk and play smarter?

Sharissa B. says:

Hey what about BioTime? Would you go on now or not?

James Kelly says:

Keep the videos coming !!! Any thing heads up this week ?

esad ruhani says:

Hi Zaid, any comments on INFI?

Anthony Datu says:

Hey Zaid, Am I doing something wrong? I researched CYCC before buying it in pre market ($1.71). It had a conference call with positive results. When market opened, it dropped ($1.58).

50jgstrick says:

Any info on the presentations this weekend? I couldn't find anything on the websites. I'm guess they might be posted tomorrow morning during pre-market.

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