How To Make Bank Trading Penny Stocks | Stock Market

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CamCam Cam says:

How do I join the discord group??????

TheOsopanda says:

Is there a good book you recommend for a beginner? Literally ground breaking

Alex Videos says:

Hey Ricky Alex here, I know that you hardly take L's in the stock market since you have a plan, but if you do take a lost can you make a video on it. I know there's already videos where you lose/make money, but by any chance can you make more of them?? Thx

Jedias Aesaito says:

Thank you for this video, I need to make myself a watchlist of these leveraged long and inverse ETNs I have noted the gold one in the past, with this natural gas 1, makes me want to find maybe an oil one for when the price on that is supposed to go up eventually. Lots of prep work to do. Thanks again for the knowledge and for sharing it with us.

Christopher Murray says:

I like that! Great job!

420 Saint says:

Could someone please let me know the video where it helps find a solid watchlist?

Paul barreras says:

So when opening an account with td ameritrade it asks what type of account which do you advise. Individual, Roth IRA Ect.. ?

Austin Cloke says:

I got my TD Think or SWIM monkey for signing up ??? I'm stoked lol

Jenny Jenson says:

Ricky, are you still using Robinhood?

Parker Moss says:

Be Patient
Don't trade off of emotion
Don't force a trade
Have a strong hand
Don't ignore any indicators
– main lessons Ive learned since December 2016

Cullen Linehan says:

Ricky Gutti, thank you so much for the drive and enthusiasm you've give all of us the knowledge and resources we need to better ourselves and lives. Your videos are easy and simple to understand, and still engaging to watch your videos. On behalf of everyone who follows you, thank you again!??

Brian Kitchens says:

19:40 is critical info. You gotta put the work in and learn.

Alberto Ortega says:

Hi Ricky I just started following your videos and joined your group on FB. I really like how you analyze trends and create a plan based on your support and resistance. To be honest I had no idea what that meant until yesterday. I am extremely new to this. I have a question how do you get to that screen you got on, where you do your analysis? I see google on the corner. Thanks for your help

Adriatic says:

Do you move your cut loss up as the stock uptrends ?

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