How to make consistent income every Week trading Options in RobinHood MUST SEE

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Join Robinhood and get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free.

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Johnny Crypto says:

Join Robinhood and get  a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free.

Chuckey 2015 says:

Very confusing. I don't get what you are doing at all.

Mark Ellison says:

Are you using Robinhood gold? When I try to select more than one option, it says that I need to place the order separately.

lilcrazychon says:

No disrespect and I think everyone has the right to make their YouTube channel but you’re somewhat bad at explaining things. I think if people really want to learn options they should watch Tasty Trade.

vinh trieu says:

Hi John I considering in your video the Amazon market price is 2014.01 and you call sell 2020 , call buy 2022.5
What happen if the price drop below 2020 or jump higher than 2022.5
Will you gonna lose all your credit ?

TheHiphopgems says:

love this video, thank you very much!

charmamillion says:

Can we sell iron condor before expiration?

Ed Leal says:

Greetings I have a question once you set up that iron condor its stays open until expire date? While I already collet the premium ? Or do I have to wait until expire to collet profits? Thanks

Param Singh says:

Johnny, can you explain what the collateral means? Specifically, how do we lose it and in which cases do we get to keep it?

Tim's Financial Prosperity Videos says:

I have always wanted to learn more about this. Thanks

PackingMessyCans says:

I tried to do your example but it doesnt pop up the call credit spread :l

PackingMessyCans says:

It's ok to have long videos. I gotta learn this stuff. I like it when you quiz us lmao. Keep it up.

Eduardo Leal says:

Greetings if you could recommend a single strategy for a beginner would you recommend Iron condor ? If so how much do I have to have in my Robinhood account to trade options ? And finally does it makes any sense to trade those even if a have a day job which doesn’t allow me to connect during regular market hours ? Thanks

Francisco Rojas says:

So as about me I trust in 0x (ZRX) token! It will repeat the fate of NEO this year! I I received tokens in their airdrop on Now I am just sitting and waiting for growth in10 X-es 🙂

jayan karthik says:

How is betting 250 to win 190 or lose all a good bet? I am a newbie and I didn't understand that part sorry

Stepzgie says:

Why i cant see the select on my robinhood ?

Ken Adams says:

Thanks John.

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