How to Make Consistent Income Trading Options | Reviewing My Trades

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In today’s video were focusing on the options trading strategy credit spreads. This strategy offers high probability trades & consistent returns. I will show you the 3 credit spreads I opened & profited off of this last week on Shopify, Lululemon & Visa. There is more to options then buying YOLO calls & puts! Diversify your portfolio with some consistent returns!

Credit Spread Tutorial:

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Pascal Louis-Marie says:

Love the wisdom and the direction you are giving here : consistency is a great leit motiv. Promoting low risk even if small gain is not that usual in the area, you're definitely bringing something fresh that's totally worth following up. Thank you for that Vincent. Keep up the good work !

Chris Veraj says:

I gotta add that human emotion is probably one of the easiest way to loose money trading options. If you use an automated process like what does for free then it is a lot easier to keep your emotions out of it as the algorithm decides when to place a trade and how long to hold it for. Also analysis by paralysis is why having an automated process is a lot easier since we as humans tend to try an interpret way to much info.

Soumyakant Tripathy says:

Hey Vincent, just wanted to let you know that I really like your videos, keep making such informative stuff. Actually you were the reason why I got into options trading after I watched your 3k – 30k video that inspired me to get into options trading and now I have started doing weekly credit spreads too. Credit spreads are really good high probability trades to generate consistent weekly income and I am liking them a lot. Thanks for the videos. Keep them coming.

English Lessons on Skype says:

I like this video. Well detailed, with the technical analysis, awesome. I m a beginner trader and I relate to the strategy. How do you scan for a possible entry? I will keep following you)

Abraham Rodriguez says:

I’m a new trader and really don’t know much. Where did you start your education journey

Ricky Irizarry says:

is that a tv screen? what size model?? love it

Konrad Pyrzanowski says:

Vincent, how would you play PTON this week? I think they beat earnings on 5/6.
Thanks in advance

Techy Tech says:

What if you get "pin risk" with a credit spread? It will blow up your account. How would you prevent that.

Anonymous says:

Hi, I joined your room in Stocktwits, Where do I go to follow/see live trades? Thank You!

Zeeshan Siddiqui says:

You're risking too much compared to the credit you are receiving. 90$ credit on 500$ collateral with 7DTE! 1 gap down / bad trade and you'll be at max loss. The whole idea of selling premium is take advantage of the fact the volatility contracts over a period of time. It would interesting to see the overall result after 100 trades. I usually do PCS on APPL & MSFT but I take profits at 50% of the credit received and I ensure I get atleast 35% of the collateral / width of strikes.
$1 wide = $0.33 to $0.37 credit
$2 wide = $0.66 to $0.74 credit
$5 wide = $1.65 to $1.75 credit

Lord Chaos says:

Can you do a video about your type R boss?

Goon says:

Hey Vincent what computer or pc do you use I would really love to know looking to purchase one myself but just not sure what to get ! And what monitor also. You should make a setup video I think people would really like it not many videos on YouTube out there of traders full setup chair table etc.

Bad Weatherfreak says:

I have 125 dollars what option should I buy?

Zimmer Trading says:

Great trading man! I’m interested in seeing how you manage credit spreads that run against you to avoid max loss. Hoping you don’t have any losing trades soon but it will be a good learning/teaching opportunity when it happens.

Mr That Guy says:

Can you explain your strike price selection reasoning? Like do you always just take the 2 right next to each other?

REAL P&L says:

Looks like you are 1/3 of the way to profit on this strategy. Reason is because you are basically risking $9 to make $1. So you need 9 wins to break even if you take only one loss.

Teshla says:

Another great video. Thanks bro. Learn something from you every time.

William Johnson says:

I trade similar spreads usually with index etf’s, SPY, DIA and QQQ. I will occasionally trade with individual stock.
Friday, I set up a back spread with calls, with TSLA. I sold the May 8 745 call for $41.13 and bought two May 8 790 calls for $20.48 each. The trade was for a small credit and the spread was doing well until Musk decides to shock the traders world by announcing that he felt stock was overpriced via Twitter!
I felt a grave sense of uncertainty about my spread at that point and legged out within a minute of hearing the news.
I got out with minimal loss on trade ~$25.
So many traders focus 90% or more on technical analysis for trading.
I rely on technicals and news and listen to Benzinga news broadcasts throughout the trading day.
If I had stayed in that spread, I would be down several hundred, and would have had to sweat how TSLA trades all next week.
I like the trade though, because ultimately protects you from a big loss, in fact, you get the small credit if stock trades and continues to trend against you, and make huge profit if stock surges higher from long strike prices.
If you trade TSLA options, you must listen out for any breaking news that might impact your trade.
Thanks Elon Musk!


I do credit spreads on robinhood and I don’t have margin.

Konrad Pyrzanowski says:

Great video, great skill explaining thoroughly. Looking forward to more. Cheers!

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