How To Make Few Hundred Dollars Per Day Trading Penny Stocks With A Small Account

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Close This is how to make a few hundred dollars per day trading penny stocks with a small account. You can start making money trading penny stocks with only a few hundred dollars invested. The secret to making a lot of money in the penny stock market is taking small profits and trades and reinvesting into your account over and over again. This is the real way people have made a million dollars as penny stock traders.

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Diego S. says:

Hey I'm new to the stock market and penny stocks in general, can u make a video explaining the difference between trading options vs penny stocks? I want to get into this, but I heard many people who trade options and bash penny stocks.

Brian Roberts says:

How much money Would you recommend to get started with trading?

Kevin Bolsajian says:

I am fourteen in high school and am willing to put $200 PLEASE mentor me into being a millionaire. I just want to know HOW to trade to the stocks


Impossible to make few hundred dollars per day with a small account. You can try auto-trading with: binaryrobox

funnie_mann t says:

If I have 150 dollars do I spread out my money or find a company to put it all in? I would appreciate any info if you wouldn't mind…..thanks!

IKnowYouKnow says:

IBXG is at $0.00. Is it even traded anymore, listed anymore?

Nathaniel Brix says:

i love your videos and i love how you help your students. i just have one question. Can i do it here in japan? i really want to trade and watching a lot of your videos and doing research. i want to be 1 of 10% successing on marketing. ?

richman816 says:

What would be the best app to trade using my phone great video btw hope to see more.

sillymonsterfromthe4 says:

how much does it cost to be in your chat room ? Thanks

Jhonn Patrick Polanco says:

I'm a student and this is very inspirational! When I read reviews on google about all these platforms and brokers it sounds like they rob you in the end when you try to take some money back into your account. Any thoughts? the only thing stopping me from putting money I've been saving is the comments

DMV sAVIOR says:

Do STT alert you for trades that you don't have in your watchlist?

Hoosh Gaming says:

Why do I find big movers every once in a while, but then find stocks that move 1-2 cents a day (most of the time)?

Donny Tucker says:

Do they penalize for taking money out of your account if it's a small account? Do you have to have a certain amount before you can access your money? I'm new here obviously. ☺

Tobias Holenstein says:

Hi, I'm new to your videos. What platform are you guys trading on? (great videos btw)

CashmanTV says:

Is that E-Trade platform?

Devan Velo says:

Hi, do you ever trade any currency pairs? Or even follow them?

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