How To Make Millions In 2016

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Go to and see all reviews at this 35-hour DVD is just $297, all for charity and it’s EVERYTHING I’ve ever learned in nearly 20 years of stock marketing trading and investing, this is a MUST WATCH even for beginners!


Charles Baxter says:

#1 Answer, Get the DVD and just Study! Study! Study!

Charles Baxter says:

I said it Once! and I'll say it again, this DVD is a Gift from God.

V J says:

We must help the rich first. A person who is not among the super-rich elite, is just as unfortunate as the homeless. Timothy Sykes is one of those less fortunate souls.

Jo Sh says:

Hey Tim! I spent the last days almost entirely to absorb anything that you have shared on your website(s) + on youtube and I'm almost scared how legit this seems.

There are a few questions though, that I'd like to ask you:

a) You say your students spread over 60 countries. I would be one of them: Germany. That also doesn't bring along any disadvantages for me I guess?

b) Is there any other Broker aside from E*Trade that you could recommend for about 2.2k Start-Account? Or is E*Broker still the only trustworthy Broker for such low Start-Accounts?

c) It's great that you offer your own stock-program to save leg-work of finding/analyzing/etc. lucrative Stocks, but since it sound like you don't let every participant use that program, what other options do you recommend?

Thx Tim for reading this!
I'm looking forward to go deeper into this!

Joe Webb says:

How old do you have to be to become one of your students

Vethursan1 says:

Thanks for being such an awesome teacher!

‫עמית זקן‬‎ says:

Hi Tim, I sent a request to join your challenge.
I'm a week waiting for an e-mail message from you


Once I finish studying how to make millions,my name will change to be (Peter Sykes)?

Sara Franciszka Lentz says:

Tim, your How to Make Millions DVDs is right up there with my top 5 all time fav presents! Thank you so much! Jonas, is now making smoking hot trades & he began before me, & now very soon here, I will make my smaller trades turn into bigger ones as well! This year will be a game changer; you have so many eager students that have been studying their butts off, & we are going to be banking in 2016 even more! Thank you for making this world a better place, Tim Sykes! -bank_a_tronic ;)

Siisandor says:

GG. Trading trends gonna change so much. All the hypes and stuff are now just more self-fulfilling prophecies where you/us make money from the guys trading according to your alerts.
Anyway, respect for nice self-branding & guides.

I just hope that those things aren't gonna become saturated if thousands & thousands of people are following your strategy.

SkyTop Trades says:

Awesome Stuff!! Its a Blessing to Help the Less Fortunate!! 6 Figures Nice!! I got my copy!!

jason99net says:

So guys,

I'm planning to make 2016 my year! 😉
But here is the deal, I'm 16 and live in the Netherlands. Can I still use Timothy's products?
Thanks guys

nitzdaking321 says:

i feel really sorry for all the innocent ppl falling for his bs.
you cant become a millionaire daytrading lol. u will however lose most of ur money. trust me on this

MarinRayado says:

Too many expenses 🙁 Etrade pro charges me $100 a month :,(

MarinRayado says:

That's it, I'm definitely buying your DVD.

JustChillin 91 says:

Tim if you could only afford one of your DVD's and are new to trading, what DVD would you recommend?


I just bought it right right now,cant wait to start studying yay

Chosen Gaby says:

Hi Tim any options for South Africa
Or is this only for us citizens

Russian Bear says:

As you know I have followed you but since August I have been studying your DVD and also your emails you send me will be buying your Penny Stock Silver from 1st January and back trading I will be one of your Millionaires as I am here seriously and hope to be one of your challenge student soon as I have the money I believe in you 100% and also happy to study my ass off.

Niall Wright says:

Selling your knowledge for more money eh
If you really wanted to help people it would be free, right?
Yeah it's for charity, but really, nearly $300?
Clever, though, I would do the same thing
I mean, I would buy your dvd but I can't afford it.. how do I increase my income? buy that dvd! oh wait
maybe I'm missing something, I'd love to know

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