How to Make Money Day Trading Stocks – $4,400 in 30 Minutes

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How to Make Money Day Trading Stocks – $4,400 in 30 Minutes
Meir Barak day trading live on March 2nd. 2018.

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Nirav D says:

Great trades . Today less options . You did well in bzun

MrMaier3000 says:

I traded $FL on Friday too. It actually trended lower and lower just needed to be a little more patient.

Joseph Vu says:

meir, can you explain to me what you mean by looking for a "pullback?" also, what are you looking at exactly when you are looking for a pullback.


chirag jain says:

How much money you use for trading.

Eagletwenty says:

Amazing mr.Meir !!!
Today was a great day for sure !!! I took 7 trades today over 1h and 15 min, all greens!!!
I guess was the Shlomo’s influence today at investors club !!!! :))))))))))
Looking forward to trade tomorrow and the day after, and after, and so on !!!
Long life @Tradenet Family !!!!
Cesario. O.

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