How To Maximize Your 2015 Trading Profits

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Learn to trade penny stocks like millionaire Timothy Sykes without all the stock promoter BS, apply at


Dalvarts says:

Great video! Thank you. 🙂 

yogesh85 says:

They hate us cause they aint us

MrTsjoberg says:

hi tim i want to see all your videos! how can i access them? Thank you.

Jordan Brookes says:

Are your videos on your YouTube account or do we have to buy your dvd to learn it all? 

Universe Researchers says:

Absolute True! Thank you Tim

Angel Ramirez says:

I gotta give it too you Tim your like a jedi knight when it comes to this penny stocks lol

naeem mussa says:

Tim should I invest in binary options?

Troll says:

thx for the videos :)

andrew sulyok says:

Everything Tim is saying is dead on I've been trading for years and have had highs and lows so I can appreciate what he is saying because its true. Anyone who is serious about trading for a living you will have to pay your dues either with time or money nothing great comes easy. Good luck too you all and thanks Tim for your time and effort to help others out in their journey to success.

Zan LeCourt says:

Hello Tim, are all of your video lessons available through your penny stocking silver newsletter?

ShhBrad says:

Who else but Tim Sykes could make such long, informative, and often profound videos and still get so many dislikes?

The Card Master says:

Hey tim!
What's your opinion on Binary options?

Patrick balogun says:

Do u have advice for me as a 13 year old trying to learn how to trade

Alex Perez says:

Tim, I idolize you. I only had enough money to buy your how to make millions DVD. I wish I could be one of your challenge students but I don't have money for it. I feel like 2015 is my year though for trading. #watchmycomeup

TheNnnniek says:

Inspiring! Thanks for sharing! Kind regars, Niek

Mo Rivera says:

First! Go tim.

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