How to Minimize Risk in Trading Stocks?

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Close There are many ways to minimize risk in trading stocks. Stop loss is one of them, but not the only tool.
Without it, your trading strategy goes no where. Because, if you lose a lot of money in each trade you will stop trading.
This is a fact. Thats why professional traders try always to know their risk in each trade before even buying the stock.
There are also other ways to minimize risk in the traders accounts. Investors dont use the same techniques
as traders or swing traders. Investors use diversification and asset allocation to minize risk for the long run.
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David Bany says:

warren buffet make the future

Abdullah Bin Nur says:

Very informative video..thanx for sharing your knowledge..cleared many misconceptions about investing👍👍👍

Mamduoh Al Geddawy says:

اشكرك جدا
استفيد منك كثيرا

Digital Brainwaves says:

Warren Buffet can basically make money every time he trades is what you're saying. That's sickening. He just drives the price up with his billions of dollars, then sells when the price is high. I wish he would tell me where he's about to buy stocks, lol.

Thuy Nguyen says:

Thank you very much for sharing valued knowledge. Lesson i had from this video is:
– Any trade/ any business should think about risk 1st.
– Most important work need to do in priority is: STOP LOSS. No hope , no sure , no wait when price do down , the thing i have to do must put STOP LOSS immediately. It is number 1 rule.

Thanks a lot.

Just Saying says:

your advice is pretty good, but somehow your voice is annoying . sorry

Robin Dehlin says:

Very helpfull! How long have you been trading?

oliver chaps says:

thx for the help

mohamed mohamud says:

thank you so much sir.

Chris Kundi says:


Your videos are very helpful! 

yes it good to be funny than sad! remember this what you stated in your videos to change your outlook or move do business!  Or if you have woman you may find happiness!  

What I mean by Jewish people – the NY stock market is controlled and manipulated by mostly Jewish brokers and trader's!  I know this is a fact as the UK stock market where I live the majority is Jewish, our new PM Prime minister is Jewish and so on…

And I have been to America NY and seen and meet some inside traders who informed that this is true.  Therefore is the economic system is Jewish not American or British do you agree with this?

Robert Lee says:

very informative, easy to understand and sincere.  thank you very much

Chris Kundi says:

Hello Sir,

These videos are great your advice is highly valued by me!  

My question is simple when a share prices have recovered is it safe to buy or when a price of  stock has been low and then picks up after a long period is it safe to buy?

Your advice will and opinion will be most welcome

Many thanks 

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