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This video talks about how to pick or choose a stock for intra-day trading and how best to make use of it.

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Jay Patel says:

Hello Sir, First of all Thanks for the Video.Now my Question are:1) This video is for F&O, so can this trick is applicable to a Cash market?2) How to determine the Target and STOPLOSS for a particular stocks?

Ajay Panchwagh says:

will this work for options?

rohan bowlekar says:

Best ever

Ravi Kumar says:

Thankyou for the information

Jagannath Gujjar says:

sir i am confused about stop loss, how much i have to maintain in this strategy

teja kasaraneni says:

nice videos bro :)

pragash ramadoss says:

Good trick

Calvadel says:

Nice video. But could you please say a word on the value of the EMA and why this particular EMA is used. And also why a 2-minute chart is preferred to other time frames like 1-minute or 5-minutes. Thanks

Girish Kumar says:

HI Mani,

If the stock change percent is more then 1% is sine of buying position ? 
and if stock change percent is less the -1% is sine of selling position ?

Senthil Kumar says:

Simply Superb

Ravi Nath says:

I didnt understand the google finance wipro chart showing EMA and RSI can you pls. explain how to make that chart


thanks for this video

shridhara murthy says:

Also suggest some tips to pick stocks positional weekly/monthly

Anantha Theerthan says:

Manikandan, good sharing. 
You talk about dashboard
A trader like me able to access it?  
When I came across your website
you ask us to join zerodha to know more about dashboard
unfortunately, I am al ready using zerodha for coupler years
thank you 

DhananJay Shembekar (DJ) says:

in the other video of intraday u say enter at 9:20,9:30 ..this u say 10:30..sir m confused as both videos are about plz explain what to do exactly 🙂 – Indian Stock Forum +Manikandan R 

Satish Patel says:

Hi mani dear have you hindi video about these tutorial please send me these are all very nice please help me considering it

jaipreet bali says:

What would be the SL?

Rahul Prabhakar says:

Thanks for the wonderful video.  I really learnt a lot from you uploads.  Basically I am newcomer in to the online trading.  Could you please explain me how to book a Stop Loss.  I know the meaning of it,  like it is, to minimize the loss, we have to sell it, once the target price slips.    But I don't know the procedure. please explain.


Hi Mani, 
              As i observed your technique, i watched the charts for Cairn on 04/02/2015 and 05/02/2015. In both these days, the angle of the price shown in nse stock watch was exactly opposite to the angle of price in google finance. so what do we do? I am unable to understand the logic. For example in Cairn today, it is open=high, and the price is down, but the chart symbol for today in nse stock watch shows upward movement of the price. How do we interpret? Is there any other meaning to this?

L.manojkumar says:

sir, please suggest stop loss point suppose market is behave negative when  we follow 45 degree technique, 
i am one of the regular user of 20 EMA but u r technique is very help full for me so i request advice me the stoploss point 

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