How to place orders from the charts

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This tutorial explains how to place orders from the charts in Quantower Trading Platform.

– India’s most advanced trading platform for active and professional traders
– Access all asset classes and all Indian exchanges under one platform
– Watchlist with Technical Indicators and ability to create filter and trading action for a trading strategy
– Advanced Charting with 10+ chart Types, large list of technical indicators and drawing tools and Trading from the charts
– Unique Volume Analysis Tools – Volume Profile, Step Profiles, Time Statistics, Time & Sales
– Cluster Charts (Footprint or Order Flow Charts)
– Power Trade Tool (To identify big trades)
– VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) and Custom or Anchor VWAP
– TPO Charts (a.k.a. Market Profile) shows the price distribution during the specified time
– Options Analytics panel for creating and analyzing options strategies and risk profiles, option chains, options watchlist, strategy charts
– Order Flow Surface to analyze the changes in the limit orders in the Order Book.
– Creating Synthetic Spreads for Pair Trading
– Screener and Visual Strategy Designer without coding
– Creating algorithmic strategies with Algo API in C#
– Full Customization of trading workspace, panels, and templates
– Large historical data, more than 5 years of Minimum 3 month of historical data, more than 5 years of 1 min data, more than 20 years of daily data
– Access global market content through third party connections

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How is it possible to set the take profit and stop loss before execute the order

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