How To Play Penny Stocks

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A beginner’s tutorial for trading penny stocks. I’ve traded “big board” stocks for twenty years and penny stocks for ten. I felt that this video might function as a good base of knowledge to build upon. I hope that you enjoy this video and I welcome your feedback. This video is of course for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell a security.

Feel free to check out my stock market video playlist on YouTube and my other YouTube videos also. Enjoy!

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steve black says:

Excellent, except for the annoying backbeat.

JD WHIT13 says:


e stroh says:

Please folks steer clear of these pieces of paper.. These trading vehicles are not worthy IMHO of having the name "stocks" nor the word "securities" next to them. Most are Pump and dump schemes and unless you are in on the pump and dump or know of it your are going to get burnt. I am surprised that a video like this is showing up on youtube channel of the Irixguy who is supposed to be a safety conscious guy.. at least he is with his drone, (Phantom 3 professional).

Chrisicut says:

It's not for entertainment purposes, it's for educational purposes.

Habib Rmidi says:

That drum beat is very annoying music has to be very soft like baroque lute music or no music. But thank you it's interesting video.

Palash Chohan says:

Every penny stock company wants you think it has an exciting story that will revolutionize the world. If you enter the penny stock arena, be cynical, do your own research, and diversify, even if a friends or family member is touting a stock.

Richie Tipene says:

Mate great Vid, but the drums are killing me!

John Bostrom says:

Not callin' me a chizzler…hehe.. Making a series of dies in the shop to produce a line of miniature whiskey stills. if you build it they will come… Revenue'rs that is.. Another project did out of a need to achieve

John Bostrom says:

gotta get the right  gotta get the right gotta get the right…Dang drums got me rapping

David Porter says:

At 0:39 you say "OTCQB" right on beat. That was awesome.

Penny Chats says:

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investing1000 says:

<—  Investing Basics 

Ian Ferreira (Hayden) says:

I liked the drums

Brandon B says:

"Most of the time you will lose" … really? I seem to have a 62% win ratio with close to $1k in profits so far. 

bunkerbuster says:

oh my lord. on average, have you actually made more than what you started with? or you figure you're around where you started ? I have very limited money to start trading, and I'd like to take a chance – with due diligence of course – and make a little money and expand portfolio – ok well create a portfolio. I love that music by the way, not sure why people hate it 😉 keeps my little boy quiet.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

A few thousand percent. It feels great!

bunkerbuster says:

hey Irixguy, can you share what is the most you have made in one day of trading these penny stocks ?

bunkerbuster says:

the music is amazing. It's motivating me 😉

texascheeses says:

I made $67 lol took 20 minutes of watching

Ahmed Khan says:

?02?:?58 I've been trading stocks for 20 years, so many idiots on youtube don't listen to them. Pulled in six figures last year from trading stock research reports, flash market research alerts is the best around, google them. good luck traders

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