How To Play Pre-Market Gap Up Stocks!

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Ken Lamar says:

Can you do a video on how you set your scanner up specifically? Etc. what you set your "today volume" at vs the regular "volume" and other custom things you prefer

maartenbrain01 says:

Thx for the lesson! nice and clear!

RICH 852 says:

Great video! DAMN, you talk fast…..

Mr IceBoxStudio says:


Shahed Khan says:

what scanning software do you use?

sam 0977 says:

This post is so misleading . If you think all the stock that gaps up 40-50% are short candidate than you are wrong and he is saying its so easy. Nothing is easy here. Need to have valid price action after the market open to short .

Ryan Wood says:

Nice Pre-Market lesson, straight & to the point. Nice video!!!!

Money Juice says:

I'm having trouble understanding volume on low float, smaller volume stocks. Dumb question but if I want to buy 15,000 shares does that mean that the volume for that minute chart needs to be greater than 15,000? I don't understand how a stock can have volume of 21,000,000 and not move. It just ticks up and down .01 all day long with small moves.

Paul Bericht says:

Thanks a Lot Sean. I Like your fast talking and explaining-teaching.

Luigi Morillas says:

What broker do you use, that has Logix?

Pawlik05 says:

great videos but please can you explain it a little bit slower lol thats waaaaaay too fast but anyways great job

Kenji Ignacio says:

as a long biased trader this info is great to know which setups to be wary of. thanks dekmar!

Sara Franciszka Lentz says:

Important reminder! Thanks Dek :))

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