How To Prepare For Economic Collapse Market Crash 2017

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Ronald Best says:

God can't that guy pronounce his words correctly?

RealBeing Lee says:

I'll be preparing for the 2017 crash like I did for the crashes of 2009-2016. #EatADickFaggot

66Joemoe says:

Grover Cleveland was both the 22nd
and the 24th President of the U.S. which was a mistake in numbering,
and that discrepancy has been there since 1893. Thus, Donald John Trump (whose
name is an anagram of NJTP Hurt Land Doom, where NJTP stands for New Jersey
Turnpike and represents Trump’s tendency to bankrupt things, which is the same
predisposition Bush Junior has/had) will become the 44th (and not
the 45th) President, and will be the last one, leaving the country
on the verge of total ruin and total war, and this will then be followed by
decades of military dictatorship not dissimilar to that of North Korea, and
will be commanded first by Dick Cheney and then by others who will be chosen by
the Great Conspirators (who have been choosing U.S. Presidents since 1865,
after they had assassinated Lincoln. The world will follow suit, and you will
see the rise of military dictatorships in Russia, China, Brazil, India,
Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, etc. It will
probably take around 70 to 100 years to get out of that historical period and
into the new era. Good night and good luck.

Cal Fornia says:

This fear porn douche x22 has been saying the same shit for many years. Guess everyone needs a job.

gRosh08 says:

YouTube is so yesterday!
Not news, rather history…

Derekgough Gough says:

Fuck me economic collapse in 2017 another useless date you tossers you wankers said this last year.

Gordon Tickle says:

This is an old report get your own material

Suresh Ruparel says:

Check Comex commodity exchange run by these big time institution they cunningly stacking stock piles in own control this is very dirty BASTARDS foxy game

Suresh Ruparel says:

Is Detusue Bank going down did Lehman Brothers disasters then many bank's penalized for CARTEL'S Rigged metal's rates is this not enough to understand bank's are manipulate figure's whole currency exchange rates Rigged even war mongering is piece's of same NWO PLAYER'S CONSPIRACY crash is imminent it's matter how long steroids keep up holding parasites people agenda West is totally over spending idiot's results things bound to collapse down KARMA CATCH UP SOON NOBODY ABOVE KARMA LAW

Idea For Life says:

good post

Tamu Brook says:

This is a bunch of fear mongering and lies, this guy always talk about the economic crisis and nothing happens, he makes money from telling fear. Jews control all industries and banks , they won't allow their families to go hungry and for the economy to crash.

Imonetone says:

How many predictions have there been about the economic crash in 2015 -16? Please! I predict that the economy will skyrocket to highs we have never seen. Wealth and prosperity will abound! 2017 will be a great year! But that is just my pessimistic view.

Bill Rundell says:

Gantz said that people are confident in the economy, causing a strong dollar.
I don't know of any of these people that are confident in the economy
The reason the Dow Jones is almost 20,000 points is the government is sending
out QE and banks are buying up everything in sight, like in the P. Metal and stock market.
Gantz is from another planet and at the 4 minute mark, pushed the escape button from the craziness.
Dent the money manager, is also someone that flew off into the KOO-coos nest on this you tube.

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