How To Prepare For the Next Stock Market Crash | Lessons Learned

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People are constantly trying to predict when the next stock market crash will happen. It’s a tale as old as investing itself. Practically every day you can find someone who thinks the market is about to collapse. They may even provide logical arguments for why it should, but the only certainty is that nobody can predict exactly when it will occur. In this video, I’m going to explain the lessons I learned from the 2020 crash and how to prepare for the next one.

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Intro: 0:00
Current State & Charlie Munger: 1:12
Crash History & Peter Lynch: 3:34
How To Prepare: 5:07
Warren Buffet on Buying Quality Businesses: 8:18
Outro: 10:35

Dividend Growth Investing provides the ability to create cash flow, without selling your position in a stock. This type of investing has a strong compounding effect when dividends are being reinvested back into your holdings. Over time, Dividend Investing can be your pathway to financial freedom!

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Dividend Data says:

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simon beecher says:

Why is the comment section of this video filled with Mr Chris Benson love posts?

kevin kidd says:

Either Charlie is small or that's a huge recliner @ 2:20

Jean Baillargeon says:

Jajaj is very simple it is an average of every 10 years

Dr Doom says:

stock market crash? –

dreadful says:

I don't prepare for crashes I just keep adding to my divided stocks

Dan Hanson says:

I like V, HD (perhaps over LOW), and AVGO in addition to the list above. Good list.

Paul Ellis says:

Bought aggressively during the 2020 crash. Psychologically, it was very difficult because buying into a market crash seems to go against every survival instinct. But damn I’m glad I did that; I’ve had huge returns because of the ability to stay calm and zig when everyone else was zagging. Benjamin Graham was right ✌️👍

LemonGecko says:

Unfortunately I lost out when the market went low I did very well, I still made money off of it. But one of the companies shares went down to $.32 a share. I did not buy in because I was following someone else who said it’s still not the lowest yet in the market. If I bought those shares at $.32 now I would have made a lot. My portfolio will probably be now in the hundreds of thousands. The thing is, is that also when the market dips. You also have to have a mindset that you may in fact loose or you may win big time. It’s hard because it is money that you earned and worked so hard to get. But there are times when companies won’t make it. But at the same time, there’s is a possibility that the company will jump back up. And you can reap the rewards very well with that.

Nikola Grabić says:

What do you think about google? You didn't put it on your list of value stock, why?

john willy says:

the 2020 stock market has been wired and proven difficult to invest

Unpopular O’pinion says:

I plan to buy
JpMorgan chase
Bank of America
Exxon Mobil
and my vanguard VFIAX index fund when there is a correction.

I buy into them at $600 a week but I’ll be 10x that purchase when there is a correction.

Thanks for the video!!

Tanner stull says:

Man peter lynch, he knows stocks. That conference he has is one of my favorite. Talk to someone on the bus and you pour your life savings into that stock, just now a days its YouTube influencers lol

KL says:

Extremes are everywhere. Get your hedges in place. Bad things are going to happen.

Gentlemen's Mafia says:

I love how you structure and edit your videos, pop culture and financial advice is some combo. Have a good Christmas mate

Brian Davis says:

Excellent video. I've been averaging in on JNJ, PG, PEP, O, STOR, MCD, MSFT, AAPL, MMM and they've all done extremely well given this pandemic.

Mark Plymale says:

This is my favorite channel by far right now!!

Donny Iskandar says:

Always spare a good amount of cash for an opportunity in case of a crash event, never go all in, its not a poker game…

Luis A Hernandez Munoz says:

Can you do a video of PPG industries thanks

Jesse Green says:

this is a great video! Question, what microphone do you use/recommend? Audio is great.

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