How to Profit from China’s Stock Market Crash Today

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Investors around the world are worried about a stock market crash in China. But instead of panicking, there’s a way you can profit from China’s stock market crash….

You see, Chinese stocks plummeted this summer. The country’s benchmark index, the Shanghai Composite, lost 12.5% in August alone. It has lost a whopping 30% over the past three months.

Based on everything the Chinese government and regulators have done to stem the sharp sell-off in Chinese shares and pump them back up – including a surprise yuan devaluation — continued volatility in the world’s second largest economy could signal a serious crash ahead.

U.S. and international investors need to understand what’s going on in China and position themselves to profit on a full-blown market crash there that could ignite global contagion…

Watch the video for an explanation of China’s stock market crash, plus how investors can protect themselves – and even profit – from these events…

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