How to Protect Your Money In a Trade

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Trading is risky all around. Yes, you can lose. Yes, you have to be scared. However, if you learn to follow the rules and stay disciplined, you can help minimize your risk. Here’s how you can learn to protect yourself while trading.

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Trading is risky all around. Yes, you can lose, and you have to be scared. That’s why you need to learn to follow the rules. You need to be disciplined to help minimize your risk. Today I’m talking about how you can protect yourself while trading.

A lot of traders lose because they’re unprepared. They’re more concerned with finding one or two hot stocks … And most of the time they’re just losing. They don’t have a plan or discipline.

Rule number one: Don’t let a small mistake turn into a potentially huge disaster. That’s why when I’m wrong, I cut losses quickly. I made my money over time and through small gains and smaller losses. I’m wrong roughly 35% of the time, but I’m right 65% and sometimes even 75% of the time.**

My average gain is around $2,000. I think my average loss is about $400. I control my losses because I understand the stats. I understand very clearly just how risky trading can be.

I’m human. I might break the rules. But my scared and cowardly mindset can help protect me. It means that I don’t trade as much. It means I tend to wait for the right set up and play.

I want to focus on good behavior. I want to lock everything down just in case. I’d rather play it overly safe than not at all. So learn the rules and remember to follow them. Success won’t happen with one or two hot picks — it’s a process. Thousands of trades can add up over time.

You have to figure out what your process looks like.

I’ve learned these rules over the past 20 years, and I want to be the teacher I never had. I want you to utilize everything I’ve learned. You need to have a smart mindset on every single trade. All that matters is that you recognize that you can be wrong on any trade. You have to be very disciplined and keep your emotions in check — almost like a robot.

How do you protect yourself? How do you keep your emotions from wrecking your trades? What other questions do you want me to answer?

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Rich G says:

How to choose a stock.

Munyaradzi Mamombe says:

Great video, subscribe to my channel for similar videos.

john walsh says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Jaden Simmons says:

The best trader I’ve been studying these past few weeks! Thank youu!!!

Kevin Lain says:

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Dario velazquez says:

hey tim how do i get your course. i want to be one of your students and b successful. please help🙏🏻

Trade Wolf says:

Great video Tim thanks for all you do, im your #1 fan brother , i watch all your videos as they come up😊👍

Henry Craig says:

Preparation + Opportunity = Success

"Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."

Sulaiman Khan says:

do u trade only stock or forex

Paul Yerby says:

so want you are saying is when you get into a trade, set a stop loss.

buddy says:

Tim, I just wanted to let you know that if was because of you I started stock trading 4 years ago. Although I lost money the first year, only 2k…I landed me a job with a larger Broker and if it wasn't for the experience, I probably wouldn't have this job. Now that I'm still working, I'm getting back into trading and still love it! Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

Plezo says:

Once again the master has spoken cut your looses and identify the pattern.

Living_Like_Nature says:

I love your teachings Tim I don’t care what your haters have to say… you keep it real and I embrace that.

Although I’m just over broke, I definitely plan on saving money to open up a trading account while studying and paper trading with some of your strategies such as the morning panic.

Jose Costas says:

The link you were mentioning isn’t below on the description. Still studying. Thanks for the video Tim. Your awesome.

Mike OBrien says:

Tim , how do you feel about Relative Volume? I’m starting to see that if i wait for stocks that show higher RVOL before you get in i have better results ! What’s your take on this?

i love swag 123 says:

Do you have a dedicated section on how to play when charts are mid range? I often find myself not knowing what to do when a stock is reacting to good news because I'm guessing im not truly focusing on key points in the chart.

Adham Rahman says:

What's your favourite hobby?

EMartinez1020 says:

Live to trade another day!

andino bourgois says:

way is not every body winning hmm..just thinking

Dmitriy Lyubarskiy says:

True, old Jews are stubborn. My 70 year old dad is getting very stubborn.

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