How To (Quickly) Scan For Stocks To Trade

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Close – Looking for new stock trades is much easier than most people believe. Most traders assume that scanning for possible trading set ups takes hours or days even before you find something that is tradable – but this just isn’t true.

Once you know what to look for the process of scanning for new trades becomes incredibly easy because we can create a strategy for any possible stock set up.

Of course there are obvious market situations that have better set ups than others and in this video we’ll go through our daily scan of possible trading set ups that takes less than 10 minutes.


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elaineg60 says:

Another great video-AND exactly what I have been looking for! For a relative "newbie" to the market, (I've done some VERY limited investing in the past as well as advising my brother, on BioTechs. My last 25+yrs was in medicine & research), it can be overwhelming trying to determine where to even start looking each day.

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