How to reduce Risk & Losses in Binary Options Trading – Hedging Strategies

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James Polo says:

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mcoastk says:

How long should I have my time period before it expires for the double win in the 5min chart???

TheKallados says:

pragmatic, logic and real. Thanks :)

True Miller says:

This looks really good. But with one brutal problem. If you place a binary options order after another, the expiry times will be different. Thus, allowing for fluctuations to make a double loss. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, how do you cater for the potential that market doesn't go up after your call, or down after your put. You've got no hedge until after you place your first bet, which still has full exposure. Anything could happen in that time?

Angela Leverett says:

Thanks for the video…I thought at first I could do this but didn't figure out how to make it work…because intuitively you think the call & putt cancel each other out…but you've explained how to win on both ends or at least reduce your loss. Thanks!

BillG37 says:

I wish I could find a way to WIN or BREAK EVEN on my Nadex binary trades. That's my goal.

jack Richard says:

You're about to see something spectacular!Well, the point is that everything that we thought we knew about trading Binary Options is completely wrong, we've been trading on the wrong things! Everyone and their dog threw all of their weight behind currencies when all the while the REAL money was sitting in stocks!"Oh no!" you're saying, "stocks are just too slow!" That's because you're not thinking! It's still Binary Options!
It's still only one point up or down to win the trade…and if stocks are slower…then all the better!

Binární Opce says:

Finally a hedging tip with a real idea behind it.

Radamés Bispo says:

hi friend is very easy see the suport and resistance in old chart i think in real time is more easy when we see this tendence and we move to do your strategy just will reduce the loss… jejjejeje the more comun is lose money right…. so but the question is if I am analyse the 5 minute chart, how long time have i to bet my position? in same timeframe?

FxSunRise Indicator says:

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tubelator says:

If you put 100$ and Call 100$ and one is a loss, how can you ever make money?
You are always loosing not? Because you get 70% for the win and 15% for the loss? Seems like you are still missing 15%?

Cute Army says:

Woww great video thank you very much..

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