How to Ride the Hype While Not Believing It

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My stock-picking is on fire right now! But that doesn’t mean I want you to follow my alerts. Instead, I want you to follow my rules and patterns — that’s how you can become self-sufficient. Watch this video to learn more about why I alerted $HALB, and how its price action played out.

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Wow! Here’s another stock that I alerted before it spiked…

Halberd Corp. (OTCPK: $HALB) was in my buy alert. And then in two days, this stock’s price went up SEVEN TIMES.

I’ll admit I underestimated this stock, but that’s nothing new. And I’m still glad that I alerted it and was able to take a position.

The key takeaway here isn’t that you should start following my alerts … You won’t live up to your full trading potential if you do that.

I want you to learn the characteristics of stocks that I choose and why. That’s why I make these videos each trading day.

That’s when the information is fresh in my mind. And I want you to truly understand my thought process.

So don’t think I’m bragging about my stock picks or that I think I’m this amazing trader…

In reality, I make a lot of mistakes when I’m trading. That’s because I’m trying to get these lessons out of my head for my students.

If I happen to make decent profits while I’m doing it … that’s just a bonus.

Watch this video to find out why I alerted $HALB. Get educated about these patterns. And don’t write off penny stocks just because gains will be small or non-existent when you first start.

Be patient. Don’t let anyone tell you anything about having a small account size. Small gains can add up.

Do you think making $50K in about a month while underestimating these stocks is lucky or does it make sense with this market? Comment below!

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Timothy Sykes says:

Do you think making $50K in about a month while underestimating these stocks is lucky or does it make sense with this market? Comment below!

Miriam Pua says:

Making any profit at all is far better than no profit. Still studying and learning from your videos but one day soon I’ll be in there trading and the way you teach us to trade is phenomenal 🙌🙏let the blessings pour in Cos this is not a sprint it’s gonna be a marathon 😊👏👏😇

Sergio Lopez Castro says:

Tim or friends!!
I just bought 30 bootcamp and Famework DVD because the offer. Couldn’t resist. But I want to be patient and learn step by step because I still having left half book ‘The complete Penny Stock Course’ to read so, It would be perfect to wait til finished and start BootCamp.
Is that possible if I bought it already if I didn’t clicked the linked yet?

Garett Sikes says:

Your hair kills me! 😂 I love it! 🤘🏻

Vanessa Almeida says:

I'd love to be trained to trade by a trading drill sargeant!

ollguza says:

Inspired ☀️

Barbara Wright says:

Great video, very informative and given me alternate considerations for my trading journey… keep up the good work!

CHRIS P says:

It makes sense to underestimate. It’s better than overestimating and getting decimated. Wins are always better than losses, no matter how much you money you make.

TACTICAL TRADING {Penny Stocks} says:

Between SUNW, WWR, CBAT, OPTI, HALB, STAF, INNO; ALL 100%+++ WINNERS; I have more than 7x my account in the last month & Have made more than a years Trucking salary. Nowhere else is this possible. Pennystock Power Baby.

Forever Aroma says:

It makes perfect sense with this market tim,you have ah bunch of newbies getting destroyed pooring into robinhood and webull just to name ah few .its ah crazy time,and with the right process you showed me it was possible to make 20,50,or 100k in ah month thanks again

Kupaaikekaiao Thomas says:

5 k a day or 50 k in 2 weeks would be life changing!

Mike C says:

I would be blessed ro make 5k a day and 50k a week especially now. I've lost 45k in the last 3 months, 4k today! I purchased the Supernova program and I like it. I just need to learn how to be more educated in my trading. Hopefully soon. Im ready for the challenge and thr boot camp! I did apply today. Im excited!

Jennifer Komondy says:

Absolutely! $5,000/day- even $500 a day will be life changing-

Julio Corona says:

I am cutting my losses quickly so very happy about. Thankyou for confidence even when I'm in the red. I know the gains will come.

Jay Carter says:

Tim! Time is short…..! Think about eternity! I do want to learn the Penney stock nitch BUT! Our life here is fleeting……! Our final destination is to be with our God in Heaven! I dont know YOUR position on God or religion but! , Jay is devoutly Roman Catholic! I would love to teach you more about THAT! OK……! note: The Jewish people where God's originally chosen people! Amen. Don't "hate on me!" I'm not a "Holey roller …..! Kk

Julio Corona says:

I would love to make any grand in a day.

Nikita Morozko says:


Frankie Wilson says:

I know penny stock are your thing but why don’t you teach people how to actually trade. You’re being a dick for your own profit. Although you did spark my interest in trading… you’re still an asshole

Shane Laufman says:

Hey Tim

I have been following you for a very long time and something that I really am interested in is your checklist that you use for when you are developing your plan for a play.

7 Horseshoes & A 4 Leaf Clover says:

Comment, commenting, commented.

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