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This is a question that has came up a lot in the citizen program so Brendan explained this crucial options trading strategy of rolling options. Now this may be a little bit more advanced for those who are options trading beginners, however this is something you will encounter at one point. We will be releasing our options trading basics for the beginners later down the road, but till then, it doesn’t hurt to learn this stuff and understand the logic behind how to trade options successfully and responsibly! If you guys have any specific options trading questions or are new to trading options, simple comment below or email us what you want to know and we will gladly help. Hopefully through the course of all these videos you guys can see how complex options are and that it goes well beyond just buying a put or call. It is very diverse and what separates successful traders from unsuccessful traders is those who know what they are doing. You don’t need to be the best trader to make money with options, but you do need to know what you are doing, nothing is more costly than that. That is why we uploaded this tutorial because rolling options is a great tool when it comes to taking profits and still keeping yourself in the play. There are a lot of options trading strategies however we are starting out nice and simple. You don’t need complex strategies to be successful; I have learned in life it is always better to keep it simple, so hopefully you do the same!

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There should be a live traders competition that would up trading/views

Eric Peña says:

Josh I need your help or guidance lets say. Im gonna start doing dual enrollment next semester which is basically taking classes in college which gives you credits in hs and coll. The thing is I don't know what to study, I think something related to business but not really a desire for anything, what career do you think has a good future (no health related) thank you

Madre Monstère says:

needed to hear u my pug

Tdell Productions says:

love your videos man! very helpful keep them up!

Edmund says:

<3 great video

Camer0n97 says:

BAC has been killing it lately fun stock to watch.

el 117 says:

Do you look for unusual options volume to see if big guys are betting in a direction?

Cody says:

I had watched a video in where you recommend the book "the richest man in babylon" i read that book and it was incredible. I was wondering if you had a video where you talk about more books to read? or if you would make one about what books to read? or if you would just respond to this and directly tell me what books to read.

Hayden Bowles says:

Thanks Brendan! Keep killing it bro, some great content here lately.

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