How to SAFELY Trade Penny Stocks in the Current Market

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I’m a safety first kind of guy and in this video, I outline a good strategy that my top students and I are following every day…ignore me at your own risk, it’s your funeral

0:30 You have to be very careful in the current market. This is not the time to play hero in the stock market.

1:30 When the market is down you have to remember to protect longs. You have to be careful with the overall market.

2:30 There’s a risk-reward to everything in the stock market. Too many of you guys judge a trade based on how much money you make.

3:30 You have to pay attention to the patterns in the stock market and you have to be careful. What goes up in the stock market also goes down.

4:30 I will cut losses earlier in this current stock market. I will play it safe and protect my longs. Safety first is my rule.

5:30 I average about a quarter of a million a year. Living, safety, and profits when there are good odds in the current market. Leave a comment “I promise to be safe” if you understand this lesson.


Carlos Schrock says:

I (intend) to be safe

Damián Torréns says:

Safety first! I promise to be safe!!

Jonnathan Mejia says:

I promise to be safe

M C says:

I promise to be safe

damion garcia says:


Juelz Greer says:

I promise to be safe ?

Zach K says:

I promise to be safe!

Michael Zanderigo says:

I promise to be safe.

Ron Bennett Outdoors says:

Very good advice.

Trevor Capps says:

My apple stocks are being drained poor poor long 🙁

Genius Picasso says:

I promise to be safe!

Chuck Ickes says:

I promise to be safe

Lawrence Hewlett says:

I promise to be safe

Milton Fuentes says:

I promise to be safe(: when i start >_<

Felicia Murphy says:

i promise to be safe!!

MikeMcD1989 says:

Tim, I use Etrade too.. can you please say what you're pressing to bring up ticker entries in the middle of the screen? Or does anyone else know who uses Etrade?

Josh Lopez says:

I promise to be safe.

TBF ‘S says:

Quick question for anybody. What do you do when you get stuck in multiple halts? Example prpo today was halted 4 times in a matter of tenths of seconds and I was stuck! I was up then down. 10 second trade turned into 33 minutes. I recorded my screen and saw what I could have done better but what advice does anybody have for this?

Chia Lor says:

I've always been curious why you don't use stockstotrade for charting, but use etrade platform……

Andres Alvarado says:

I promise to be safe

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