How To Save Money When Buying Bonds in OSRS

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Recently I’ve been more focused on bonds that ever before, so today I figured I would go through a couple ways to save money when buying membership in OSRS, mainly through slow buying ahead of time and buying based off of yearly/daily cycles that bonds seem to go through. Hope you enjoy the video!

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How To Save Money When Buying Bonds in OSRS

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Heretic Rick says:

Ive bought like 25mil worth of bonds like 3 or 4 years ago. Then I sold about 5 mil worth of bonds. They were 2.5mil at the time. Then I quit that account shortly after. I moved all the items to my new acc. It was like 20m worth of items. Im wondering if I should give away 5m to even it out. I probably wont because thats like half the money I made to 99 wc. Sometimes I just feel like I cheated even though Ive bought an ungodly amount of bonds with osrs gp. Honestly probably more than 25m worth. Ill never buy or sell bonds again. Screw that.

Fatal Soldier says:

About a year ago I took a 6 month break and put 2 bond offers for 1mill and got them so maybe just quit for a while and set them for cheap

Thundergod 1337 says:

Today a bond is like 5m

chillyourself says:

everytime he says bond you take a shot

eurosonly says:

The 340k or so you have to pay to convert them is a security mechanism put in place by jagex to make sure that the margin for flipping them is minimized as much as possible. Kind of a shitty mechanism if you ask me but at least it keeps the scalpers poor so the rest of us can get one.

eurosonly says:

"Safe hands of jagex"
This is the same company that hired one of the rsbuddy bot client developers as well as mod jed. They tried to take down rune lite but ignored osbuddy…..because they get income from it.

Thegiedrius253 says:

bond is 4.6m rn

mick makle says:

Ty I buy bonds a lot

Smile says:

They didn't drop because people needed the gold they dropped because dumb fuck Google gave for every 20$ purchase in the google store 10$ free. So suddenly membership was cheap as fuck in the google store and lots of them bought them there.

kronickingpin says:

I just did this before I saw the video saved like 300k

Jose Gonzalez says:

Give me a bond

pugness says:

buy low, sell high?!?!?!?

JackSucksAtWigs says:

Lets be honest… This is your way of inflating so you can dump

raw trout says:

great, now my money-making method is ruined

Awful thangs says:

Hopefully ur going to give a couple away to some new playwrs who r really out there in two grinding.

Anthony Allison says:

Give me a bond

Spotlight says:

Bond, James Bond.

Dreddly says:

Easy money making GUIDE!! OSRS 2007!! Get minimum wage job. 20 hr/week . Easy 200$ a week. Buy bonds, easy money

Bryte H says:

Membership expires at the exact time you bought the membership, so if people are buying them in the morning (and presumably using them in the morning), then your membership theory doesn't really make sense.

Sadra Kara says:

You are an eggplant

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