How To Scalp Trade Crude Oil Futures

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I’ll show you a specific trading/scalping strategy that I use on crude oil futures (CL). This is my first video on scalping. I decided to post it because I had trouble finding good content out there on how to trade crude or scalp futures in general. If you find this video helpful, please like it or leave a comment so that I know if I should create more videos -it takes a lot of time!


Andris C says:

I really enjoyed this video. Do you plan to make any more? I'd be very interested in seeing a video about how you scalp ranges/play failed breakouts in crude like you were talking about. Also, do you have a website or is there any other way to contact you?

Boo Bowie says:

I appreciate your honesty. I'm new to crude, but been trading nat gas for over 10 years. Still looking for understanding… thanks.

Joseph Black says:

Good video. I recognize the dom you use but what platform are you using for your footprints?

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