How to Scan For “Hot” Stocks (Market Talks with Dr. Stoxx)

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Learn 2 easy scans to find awesome daytrading and short-term swing trading opportunities in stocks making strong moves on volume.


MixtecJaguar ASR says:

Thanks, Doc.

Bas Goonie says:

That PRAN ran all the way up to $12

Azam Wadair says:

I'm just learning how to trade myself and this is a nice boost thank you. great video!

Musa M says:

when do you start scanning?? at night before the trading day?? or pre-market??
great video, thanks.

edmikhael1 says:

when do you perform this scan, night before or early morning before open or mid day? Thank you

Ed Johnson says:

hey way kool,have been using other screeners,this one is great better than most I  have seen on the free ones

schnellerfuchs13 says:

Thank you!

chazmuska says:

subcribed…thank you for cutting right to the chase!

Mark Archer says:

Good vid. and I like how you filtered down with more filters.

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