How to Scan Gap up and Gap down Stocks in NSE | Intraday trading

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This video is about How to Scan Gapup and Gapdown Scripts in NSE
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vinay musale says:

hi can I get this data of premarket at 9.07 a.m.?

Avinash Rai says:

it does not work with 64bit Excell…Zerodha Pi is pathetic !!!

Gaurav Rawat says:

The real challenge is to do this analysis at 9:15 and do it very fast because we might miss initial movement in calculating this formula. Just short the gap stocks with stop loss = 2 and no target.

smiling JOLLY says:

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Domingo Fernandez says:

You can learn how to short this gap up and make a nice little profit. Most gap up come down.

pkumar18 says:

Its no use. its not a strategy kind of thing. What is the use of this formula if a trader will see this and trade. Gap up is something you bought in previous day and selling next day benefiting with Gap up price. How one can find a stock to buy to get benefit of gap up for tomorrow ?

Aseefsh 3002 says:

Give a strategy to trade this gap up/downs… That would be more useful..

Ashok Kumar says:

In Pi Previous Close is same as LTP (last traded price or close for the day)…so this strategy does not telling gap up or gap down because previous day's close is not used. Kindly devise some other way to find gap up or gap down stocks and upload same…

gopal krishna konar says:

after using the formula what to do next which is he best percentage to follow and if it comes in decimals then what to do

Maria Alex says:

There are some intraday strategies built around these gaped stocks. it is for screening them

jishnu anil says:

what should we do with these stocks

vishu bhat says:

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Vivek Sharma says:

What are the benefits of checking gap ups and gap downs? Does it shows trend by any mean?

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