How To Select The Best Stocks For Day Trading

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Close Download Your Free Trading Report Today. How to select the best stocks for day trading will teach you the selection process that I personally use to determine if a particular stock fits my criteria. Watch this video to learn how to select the best stocks for day trading.
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Scope Traders says:

Great Video! Enjoyed it.

Lupe Quintero says:

Reading your CEO's is important. SCTY was 49 a share and downgraded by UBS. UBS had undervalued apple and they undervalued SCTY. I bought in and 3 weeks later got out at 73 a share. I just bought back in and I will sell when it hits 76.00 then wait till April again. Certain stocks do better at certain times but the market will transition to cwco or ttek because these are desalination companies. Hemp and mcig are 2 penny stocks to look at. Knowing the energy sector and casual trends is where it's at because jump considerably. I doubt I will ever let go of my apple. 

Lolitady Kemai says:

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James C Silk Jr says:

With day trading you need to realize that most of your buy orders should go unfilled, because your bid price needs to be lower than the going trading price of the stock. Buy on the dips and you will have success – put in orders to acquire shares at or below the current bid price.

K Will says:

It took you 6 minutes to say absolutely nothing.

ravenwda007 says:

What if you had a program that told you all the good stocks everyday while they're happening?

jaglinuxmint says:

Thanks for this video, i searched through many websites for this information, but all were vague and didn't tell me anything practically. Thanks for this tutorial, it was really crisp and to the point. Good part is i am remembering the tips you have given. Once again thanks a lot. Subscribed to your channel as i stand no chance. Perfect tutorial

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