How To Set A Real Goal For Trading Stocks

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Here are 3 things I focus on when setting a daily goal for day trading in the stock market! I hope this can help our beginner traders get one step closer!

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Shelly Hill says:

Investing with Max Davies has been a great joy after my first withdrawal. Don't be deceived by sweet words and huge profit of little investment that you will never see after investing. Chat Max now.

lowpro entertainment says:

discord link for QnA for cult members is ? C

Flaming Falcons says:

How much did you have to start day trading? $25k isn’t always something everyone has, to buy and sell the same stocks at the same day.

Augustina De Mevius says:

Having an investment strategy is far the most important step to becoming a successful stock trader.

Ricardo says:

Super nice!

Maulin shah says:

Really Really cool video. Just one request, make these kind of vid's more. It's not about inspiration or motivation, it's all about correct/right mindset and cultivate every single day these mindset.

NAV GH says:

Pepole call'n you scammer dawg

Freedom Trading says:

Love your videos Ricky!

Bronson Lee says:

i am an old man who is ur fan of ur channel lol u passed 650k subscribers i am sure u are happy about it and u do deserve every single subscribers by the way do u trade ETN exactly like ETF no special fees and no special maintenance fees ???i know commission is free also in ur opinion with charels swab deal do u think they will remove TOS platform and TOS paper trading as a newbie I HOPE NOT i know u are extremely busy so if u are too busy i understand but i think ur are a good teacher Mahalo from Hawaii

David Vincent 2nd says:

I’ve never seen anyone take care of anything they were given. Biggest example I know is section 8 housing in my town . I believe and correct me if I’m wrong. I think Ricky is saying earn it and learn how to do it over and over again . Listen To Ricky .

Timothy Michael says:

I just doubled down on UGAZ at the lows, looking to lock in $5K again on a winter bump, but I've never had to put $40K in there, that's a lot for a single day, I think the max I've ever put in was $32K across 2 weeks on lows, so close in amount but not in action… Today I cashed in on HD, MCD, DLTR option calls to help cut losses from UGAZ in half, I also have a SPCE option call, it's up but I didn't sell yet.

heispark says:

take care ricky

Albert Magana says:

Great work Rick your doing better. With lower capital more consistent. Keep it up 💪.

Maria Hollando. Fr says:

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diablosmvpGQ says:

Appreciate you my guy! Ill always leave a 👍🏼

Drew Walker says:

I know you just go on technicals and don’t predict the gas report. But I think it is UGAZ day tomorrow. Natural gas is being sold off for no reason. The 14 day forecast is actually cold, we have been getting snow none stop. Just a bunch of hedge fund people keep shorting natural gas. They know nothing the gas report will show another withdrawal. But I will still trade on technicals just saying the price right now makes no sense.

Christian Princess says:

I'm completely broke and living paycheck to paycheck. What do you think of the Robinhood site? It says zero commission fees, 0 depost requirement. Help

JustinSTeam2 says:

When you said 0-100 Drakes song came in my head haha

JustinSTeam2 says:

One thing I have learned is always lock in profits! Once any of my trades get to 0.005% I will always lock in profits no matter what. I try and lock in before that.

TheKasoy90 says:

You look like a singer in Quebec he is called Jeremy gabriel

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