How to setup Emini Futures (/ES) on Thinkorswim

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3 October, 2015 – I breakdown the steps to setup Market Internals in order to trade the Emini S&P 500 Futures on Thinkorswim using the Flexible Grid feature


Vladimir Jean-Francois says:

How did you get your active trader bid/ask number on your price ladder?

Yourlifeline PowerHouse says:

Big help thank you!

Jeevraj says:

How many contracts I can buy for $5k
I have a TOS

Robert Guerrero says:

do you have a live trading room?

Nightly Day Trader says:

Glad I could help

Razster says:

Thank you! I asked on your other video. Currently using paper money to get the hang of things until I venture further. Much appreciated.

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