How To Short Penny Stocks At eTrade

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The baby has redeemed himself – penny stocks are his best friend 🙂


Fonda Padron says:

I am using BINARYBOOMDELUX COM website since 3 weeks and i am getting good profit.

Marisol Marin says:

Does etrade pro cost $100 a month?

Ritesh Verma says:

So does this mean if a stock price say 3.2 a share goes to 3.1 a share you are making money?

Steven Hill says:

Mark thanks for the great video. Can you post a video that shows how you cover the short that you bought. I can't find any videos that take you from placing the short to covering the short and getting out on Etrade. I want to do it myself, but don't want to screw it up and loose a bunch of money because of lack of knowledge. Thanks!!

Paul Klanecky says:

Please check out my newest video about Forex Trading.

Jmoney sr says:

i asked etrade directly and was told they don't allow short selling of otc stocks?? if anyone knows of any brokers who do plz let me know

DJ ML7 ML7 says:

I have a cash account with Etrade.
I can still short penny stocks?
I heard I needed to have a margin account, but on my profile I also see the option to sell short and below there is also a small button to cover.
Your response will help much, thank u!

krazyraver69 says:

The percentage that is shown in the window, is that the loan percent of the trade or the commission percentage?

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