How To Short Sell Penny Stocks And Not Chase

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Congrats to SO many students who nailed the CLOW collapse today, classic pattern, but you NEED the right broker to find shares to short, see my brokers here

Comments says:

Nice trading Tim

Joshua Owen says:

I'm trading from the UK , thoughts on TD direct ? Since E*trade closed shop in the UK ..

Rudy Lopez says:

"If my research is right I think bpsr is being hyped up and will rise with a spiraling down flow. Just wanted to put my guess out there before it happens, to test my researched theory."
2/13/16, 05:58pm

Learning Tim Sykes strategy! I called this one to Tim on tweeter. On the 13th. Really learned a lot from Tim in just over a month now watching his videos. Did my research just like he preaches. Unfortunately I didn't put real money on it. Only paper traded on it. Thanks Tim.

brian figg says:

been following and studying the stocks. where is a good place to find real-time business news about new promotions and such?

Mateo Toro says:

I buy $ENOC today

SyntixPvp says:

Hey tim I am currently trying to make money on a small budget of $50 and I dont care if it is slow money but I just need help trying to find which broker to go to

Jeremiah Harland says:

I stay watching your youtube videos also your HTMM DVD love it. Keep teaching, your good at it.

yailen kistann says:

U inspire me see you on the beaches around the world

vajraloka1 says:

any opinion of tradeking?
I'm a dumb ass newbie,can't afford the courses (yet)..but am learning (the hard way)..:-)

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