How To Short Sell Penny Stocks

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Another solid day for me and several dedicated students, theres $ to be made on the way up AND down if you’re prepared, so take advantage of my 35-70% off sale at as it ends in just 48 hours!


logan wagner says:

What program is this?

TimeFliesBuy says:

I like this video in particular because this stock wasn't the common pump or supernova and shows how to navigate the highs after the contract announcement. Where it goes from here who knows but the choppyness can be traded until you have a major breakup-or-down.

Khawaja Moinuddin says:

Which DVD would you recommend the most?

Jay Fraz says:

really trying to get started just looking for some more insight….anyone

RaphiEntertain says:

Great video :)

Catlin Kallies says:

I'm studying your "How To Make Millions" DVD series now. I'm always asleep when the markets are open being stationed in Korea, so I'm getting all the education and saving my money up while I'm over here so I can hit the ground running in the states. My notebook is already filled with time caps for a quick reference to stuff in your DVDs. Good stuff!

albright3c says:

I have been watching a lot of your videos and reading your online articles. I hope to be a challenge student one day. I am going to pull the trigger on the How to Make Millions DVD. Any advice on others to buy while they are still on sale? thanks in advance.

Justin Mckibben says:

Is there any video in particular where you discuss entry and exit points. I always wonder how traders determine how high they think the stock is going to go and end up being pretty accurate…?

Matthew Marak says:

want to join your program Tim but kinda out of my budget but just from watching your videos I have been able to see the patterns and the volume. Today from my $890 account is bought all in BIND @0.57 with 1563 shares and sold @0.64 made $110! I have doubled the amount money in my account in 2 months!!! Thanks for all the videos! Still feel like one of your students!

FailCentral says:

Hi Tim! Whats a good amount of money to start a trading account with
As small as possible

iDIMi says:

Market looked slow today. Only real plays were shorts. 😭

ZZZ2573 says:

Hi Tim! Is there a way to buy the online or electronic version of the DVDs? I really don't want physical copies…

Michael Wlosik says:

As always, great video! I hope that imposter gets deleted!

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