How To Short Sell Stocks

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I made my first million buying stocks hitting new highs, but my second million was from betting against hyped up stocks as they were crashing, see my crazy journey from $12,415 to now $4.24 million in trading profits in my FREE book learn to make $ on the way AND on the way down, you don’t just have to be bullish all the time anymore!


jack phillips says:

Thank you for the simple explanation, now I understand it.

Larry Finklestein says:

What would be helpful for us newbies is if you had a video showing your trading screen just on a day trade short sell, you know on one of those days the market is taking a huge dive. Just a video walking us through the ENTIRE PROCESS in real life. Just a suggestion for an idea for a future video. Thanks for making this video, it is interesting =)

AestheticNutrition&Fitness says:

if i am am under 18 can i trade with a custodial account with e trade i wasn't sure how it worked?

master muffin123 says:

tim you said that the how to make millions dvd was 36 hours,right?

BCKey says:

Start here, for your life changing experience.

Santos Rodriguez III says:

Tim I fucking love this video haha. It was funny as hell AND the beginning was awesome.

I'll be getting in the millionaire club in a few weeks. Gonna put in at least 9-15k to start Can't wait…

Collin Rhodes says:

Ok, I'm extremely new to trading, can you sell a stock at any time, or does there always have to be a buyer?

Shaun Webber says:

your the man Tim, this, along with all your videos cleared up a lot of grey area for me , and I'm stoked you put your money to use enjoying life instead of some old timers who just sit back and all the sudden they're way too old 

Isaiah JW says:

"Im just kidding. They don't know what the fuck I'm talking about"
haha that was great

grasshopper78 says:

Read my first sec filing,i saw five.for one.reverse stock split and cayman islands,also all negative marks for earnings, are these some red flags you talk about finding?idi

Tim Lento says:

Become a student!

James Max says:

love your bluntness

BlackaDiMagga JamaicanTopShotta says:

just a quick question and guys feel free to leave comments, do you think it is gutsy to take out a loan to eventually pay it off to trade penny stocks. im 18 and i've been trying to teach myself how to trade i wanted to do tims millionaire challenge but couldnt because i dont have a source of income.. lately my parents have been trying to get me out the house and for some reason i feel like the end is near lol. i just wanted to know if this would be a good idea

review4u88 says:

My 2 favourite things: Hot women and trading 

Nick Park says:

How can you sell a stock first? Dont you have to buy the stock beforehand if you want to sell them? I'm kinda confused on short selling

Anmol Nag says:

hi tim
 i have a BIG concern here – with over thousands of your students playing the same game wont there be a saturation point where trading would ultimately become unprofitable , i mean thats exactly what happened to you  when you were in college (as mentioned in the sixth chapter of your book)  ,
im a future intraday trader myself and im saving here to start trading with you in in 6-8 months but im wondering wont the marketdry up by that time , please answer

Adi Panchal says:

Hey Tim, Since few days I am watching your videos and have been ur fan.. Got to know that you are making great money. Well I am in India, I have already lost too much amount in stock market but couldn't figure out what to do to gain in market. Because I believe this is the only place where we don't find bosses above us and nobody is there to restrict in our life to get anything. Can you help me what should i DO?? I am really confused. and Needed to know that the method way you are using, does it work on indian market? Your reply would be greatly appreciated. THanks

Paul Lee says:

Tim, do you think your strategy can be replicated in equities markets other than the U.S?

achille295 says:

Tim, how do you find those stocks? i.e. how do you find stocks hitting new highs or hyped up stocks (pump and dumps)?

BrightestMoments says:

I swear I'm gonna get a job, and save some to start trading with you!

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