How to Start Day Trading As a COMPLETE Beginner (Day Trading for Beginners 2021)

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🔽Time stamps:
1:04 Open a paper trading account
5:02 Start learning to trade with free resources online
8:21 Tracking your Day Trading set ups
11:25 Join a trading community to advance learning

🔽4 STEPS Below: How to learn day trading as a complete beginner
1. Open a paper trading broker account. Best brokers for paper trading:
TD Thinkorswim Tutorial:
Interactive Brokers Tuotrial:
Webull Free Trading App Tutorial:

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2. Learn Day Trading with online free resources:
Best day trading strategies for beginners
How to trade penny stocks for beginners
Day Trading Indicator Set Up for Beginners

3. Tracking your trades in a trading journal:
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4. Consider joining a day trading community if you decide to take it seriously:
Trade with me:

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Humbled Trader says:

😍Are you taking advantage of this Quarantine and learning to Day Trade?
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Mrphys says:

I've been looking all over for "HOW TO INVEST/TRADE for beginner" videos… I'm sorry to say, but… as far as I can tell, this particular video on "How to start day trading as a COMPLETE Beginner" basically is 14 minutes of "To begin day trading as a beginner you will need to learn how to do day trading."

scvz9wolf9 says:

Best channel for all traders ❤️❤️

Lionel Lombendencio says:

Luv u ma'am

Wahya Danuwoa says:

I just started day trading a week ago. It freaks me out. I've only broken even in the past week. The adrenaline rush I got when waiting to see if the stock would hit my sell point was powerful. My chest was pounding as the price got closer and closer, then it would drop down a bit then go up even closer almost reaching my sell point by mere pennies. Then down again. Finally, it hit and the excitement I got when it actually hit my sell point to break even was even more powerful.

All that just to recover my losses.

Arnold Coronel says:

Minute 9:12, I see you HODL and hope strategy lol
Love your content ​Shay.

BayerischerSchweizer says:

it's as with every subject: if you want to master a subject you have to put in 10.000 hours of work,.. it is what it is 🙂

Jordan Jay Grant says:

Hey, iv been learning a lot about how to trade and such but I’m really struggling with doing the research about stock news I know this is very important but idk how to do this kinda research if you could make a video helping us with this issue I could start trading in months. Thank you

amjad hussain says:

Someone help me to start online trading to earn some money for my family

Rus Gul says:

many thanks for good recommendations

Khairul Nizam says:

Hi, what 'collect screen time' means??

Sherod Smallman says:

Great video. You just gained a fan.

Alberto Sarti says:

I am using ppro8 and follow DTTW in Canada (from Scotland) what do you think about this brooker ? I am practising on training mode for now because in 1 year of live trading with other brookers I ve lost £15k and now it s time to go back and study and trading properly

Janet R says:

thank you for this video!! very good information

Seph Dela Rosa says:

This video just made me more motivated on day trading 100% everything made sense. Thanks i wish you included some of the legal side of it especially on the taxation part(cause thats where im confused at right now) 😅😅😅. You rock!

pedro solorio says:

I hate this’ video

blue says:

Question what made you decide to get into day trading

William Linklater says:

Your next level in trading is to be able to afford the triple ply. That stuff is like wiping your ass with pillows.

leon says:

webull is not available in the netherlands

Money ZG says:

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