How To Start Day Trading! STOCK MARKET!

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How to Start Day Trading in the Stock Market! Where do you start? A lot of people ask me this question on where they even begin if they want to learn more about Day Trading. I tell people the best thing to do is just start being aware of the market. Watch the news, watch videos about DayTrading and just start to learn. Find a couple different stocks your interested in and follow them. Read about stocks and just start to keep of track of whats happening the Stock Market day to day. Over time you’ll start to get a better sense of whats going on and start to learn the next steps. The worst thing you can do is just start Trading today and rush into. Day Trading in the Stock Market is a long process of ups and downs. Remember Stocks go up and then they go down continually bouncing around!

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I am not a investment professional. Please do not make investment choices off of the ideas you see in these videos without the proper knowledge and research. Day Trading can be very volatile! You need to understand the basics and the risk involved first!


RobinHoodApp Trader says:

Please check out my channel! I also trade stock also and i was just wondering if you could give me your input on what to buy what to sell me how I can i improve..thank you!..i have a Small Account but it's slowly growing..

Yarik Fitshyk says:

Hey Patrick is this your skype? PatrickWieland?

predat0r says:

Meh dude. Problem is most people don't have a strategy. They just want to start trading today so they can buy their orange Lamborghini next month. I wouldn't advise to open a robinhood account. I would advise to open a simulation account with suretrader ($100/month) to develop a system. Listening to chat with traders, on average, it takes 4 years to develop a system. Most people quit at 6 months when they still can't afford the lamborghini.

Derick Anene says:

Hey Bro how much do you advice to start with on Suretrader?

chadsoandso says:

Zgnx I bought in at 27.75 I sold at 29.00 it went up to 36.00 yeah I profited but hard not to feel down about that ugh

Brutus Empire says:

dont forget to mention you can open a trading account with $0 dollars and trade with $100 or even $50. because the first time i heard $25,000 I just thought trading was not for me!!! people have to know they can trade with $100 or less. just get started

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