How to start SHORT selling Penny Stocks. (What you NEED to know as a beginner)

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Eva Ng says:

How different is this to your old DVD?

Zoheb says:

I watched your seminar. Did I understand correct that your strategy is basically shorting the pumps and riding them down?

Ro Gas says:

Almost 90% of top %gainers, fading in the afternoon, go down the same night. If you short at 3.30pm a big vol gainer, I can guarantee you the next day will be opening much lower. This is my strategy,what is the best broker for this strategy?

Ferdinand Ledermueller says:

Hey steven
My question is… I want to learn from you but I have no idea we’re to start ! Can you say me what I should do or what shout I learn first … what should I buy first to start from the bottom to learn how to trade …

Sabinro says:

04:15 you can see something behind the monitor.

Akash says:

Dux you should provide scholarships for freedom challenge programs….

Chase null says:

As long as you risk manage then it's the same risk as longing right? And you mentioned earlier short selling is much easier. So would you suggest getting into short selling as soon as possible?

A-Action Home Inspection Houston says:

Great how to video, definitely giving me ideas for new how to videos on my Channel.

Caleb Martinez says:

ive been trying to short but barely any stock is available to short, how or what brokers are good for short selling penny stocks

ComZet says:

Looking a bit hench in that hoodie bro

Jacobl Hammonds says:

Your new setup is fresh dude!!

Zesty AZN says:

Certain pump and dumps are pretty predictable. Especially when they gap up at the 7 a.m. Once it tops out, it dumps hard. You can probably short at pre-market since it'll continue to dump at the bell.

Himmeny D Stocks says:

Thanks Dux Great video! and ur new setup looks great

Chris Choi says:

Thank you Dux for another youtube video. I learned a lot about short selling penny stocks from your dvds and live webinars. I am little nervous to start live trading using real money. But I have confidence thanks to you.

hinsll solw says:

are you mainly use cp account to short? I'm using trade zero, but can't short low price stocks and lots of NS.

young rich says:

great setup, stepping up the game

Jade Xion says:

How much float is called a micro-float stock?

ashik rahman says:

where is last week trade review .how ever every educational video every time

Informed Trades - DayTrading/Investing says:

Focus on risk management if interested in short selling.

Millennial Stock Trading says:

I blew my first account by shorting hahaha! I rarely short now but when I do it's with conviction through research like in SEC filings etc… 🙂

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