How To Start Trading In The Stock Market!

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Today I talk about how to invest in the stock market. We discuss the requirements for setting up a brokerage account, how to prepare, and some key tips you need to know before you begin trading. I am 17 years old now, and was 16 when I started trading. More advanced topics will be discussed in future videos.

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david le says:

more bussies viodes

My Name Is Hunter says:

Since when do you have an s6

joelyboyblue says:

You are an IDIOT so is anyone who listens to you

Gabriel Gallart says:

You should do a vlog on a day of trading I would definitely want to watch something like that.
Keep up the good work

bradford warren says:

TRADE FOREX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abdurahman omoruyi says:

your helpful

Chris “Discover Power” Bernard says:

Great Video/Info My Guy!

Aussie tech Blogger says:

Has anyone here seen ? Its free as its in beta, but wanted to get other peoples thoughts on using it to evaluate stocks. Can anyone here recommend some other platforms worth looking at? Thanks :)

Douglas Gardner says:

in virtual apps with no money on the line, I tend to be more risky

Rusty Shackleford says:

Are you a day trader or more long term?

Rusty Shackleford says:

Robinhood is good for starting out, with no minimum balance

gameshelper1000 says:

Thank you so much for this feedback on stock markets! I'm also 17 and i'm really ambicious, wanna start trading soon so imma try some ficticious stock market apps. Thanks for the tip, keep it on!! Love your channel

Kaleb Gilbert says:

Do you follow Dave Ramsey's philosophies?

Justin Fetty says:

i live in VA Beach nice shirt

BallisticBros says:

lol bro I'm 13 and trading in the uk making figs a year lol@@@

Miriam Marquez says:

I really appreciate the explanation! I am looking to get into this and I love how this feels more like a conversation and not me trying to understand another language!

Mothusi Anderson says:

I've been using Scottrade since I was 15 :D. Obviously you've been more involved. I'm invested in stem cells now. (I'm 18 btw)

Mika Chan says:

forex or stocks?

Omar El Hoffi says:

You sound like a Tim Sykes student!

gumaro mendoza (NiGhThAwK91) says:

Trade with robinhood no broker fees free

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