How To Start Trading Penny Stocks With Just $200!

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Close This is how to start trading penny stocks with just $200. You can become rich earning 15% on each trade everyday starting with just $200! This trader subscribes to Tim Sykes Penny Stocking Silver training. He took the time to learn and now he makes money consistently everyday investing a small amount of money. In this video he shows how he dip buys when trading. It is possible to become a millionaire over time of course, but it can be done.

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Dommel says:

Please click on the link and sign up :

patt says:

What platform is it?

Donny Tucker says:

I downloaded think or swim two days to start practicing since I'm a newbie. It's like Chinese to me when I open it haha. But I'm doing my part to train and learn. I'm going to practice with it for a few months.

lolzz TV says:

I want to do it please put link

Aaron “Aron-Laxis” Dizele says:

which software do you use for trading?

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