How To Start Trading With 500 Dollars

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How to start trading with 500 Dollars:
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What can you invest in with $500?

Here are the pros and cons and what you need to do when starting with a small account.

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Luis A Gonzalez L says:

Nice advice but sometimes you have to risk something. $500 is not a lot of money so you can risk. I had an excellent experience in the past when I started just following other professionals traders. I made $1,500 with $200 investment in options out of the money. But that depends of what kind of person you are. Sometimes people don’t want to loose but that is the part of the game.

Edwin Jansen says:

Somewhere I got stuck on your remark that nobody makes money trading Forex… After that all you said went right past me. Can you please make a video on that subject and ask Rob Booker to comment on it please? Will be really interesting to see how that would turn out. By the way, I am making money trading Forex using one of Rob's robots for 3 months now and it is more than the 60% projected yearly you quote. Personally I do not understand why traders seem to pit markets against each other. I am convinced you can make money trading any market.

Bill Stevens says:

What kind of software was that you showed that predicted profitability of option trades?

Systematic Trader says:

Great video, Marcus. But you didn't say about another possibility to start with 500$. Its SP500 E-micro and Gold E-micro futures contracts. Its only 1/10 margin required of regular contracts but if you have a reliable trading system which gives you 100% ROI you can use for example your money management technic (in your e-book) and grow 10x your account… In theory :)))

DoC Clupper says:

Thank you for being honest in your perspective with my question. That does suck but hey, it's not the end of world! 🙂 I still believe there are ways to grow from $500 to 1K then from onward there! Here's a personal quote of mine, "If there is a will, there is a way! " keep those videos coming!

Aminlv says:

tnX Markus, just one question you seems dont like FX very much but in the FX case people get leverage unlike Stocks so for exam 500X100= 50k virtually so why still thats not an good option for trading?

Texas Lovely Lady says:

This was helpful. I now know why an option trade I followed failed. @$.44

Terry Tondini says:

What about binary options?

Gregory Santana says:

Hi, this was good because I am always ask "How much to start trading options?" My answer is minimum 2000 because, like you said, you don't want to trade all in one option with $500. The $2000 makes about 4 trades at $500 each because the law of probability; 1 trade complete lost, 1 trade 2x and the remaining 2 hold the middle. Currently, a friend started with $3000 and quickly went to $1500, then the account turned around and now is breakeven. The errors help solidify lessons and staying to a trading plan turned it around.

Thank you and regards to all the Rockwell crew.

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