How to Stay Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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It’s a scary time. Don’t take unnecessary risk! Protect yourself — and your account — during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are tips to help you stay safe.

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I’m making this video in LA. I’m planning on staying for a few days. But who knows — it could be a few weeks as we wait out the coronavirus.

There’s a lot we don’t know right now. It’s a very scary time.

First and foremost, I’m sending good thoughts to those who are affected by the coronavirus, as well as their family and friends.

In this video, I want to talk about how the coronavirus is affecting the stock market.

I’ve been warning about the potential effects of this virus for months. It’s not because I think it’s the end of the world. It’s because I know this can cause huge volatility in the markets.

A virus like this can spread exponentially, as we’ve seen by the increasing numbers of those afflicted.

Stocks related to handling the crisis — even in a minor way — can grow exponentially too.

Right now, there are so many potential trades with stocks that could experience exponential growth.

There’s so much movement in the market. More and more of my students are earning $50K, $100K, $200K per day.

Nope, these results aren’t typical. These students have dedicated themselves to learning how to trade. Remember that most traders lose money and trading is risky — especially in markets like this. Never risk more than you can afford.

The biggest problem right now with the coronavirus is containment. Even though the fatality rate is relatively low, the more it spreads, the more deadly it could be.

Western countries haven’t done a great job of containing it. A lot of people were dismissive for too long. The virus could be short term … But as more people spread it, its longevity increases.

Past pandemics that weren’t properly contained have lasted a year or more. Think about that before you dismiss how serious this is.

I don’t know how long the coronavirus will affect the stock market…

Right now, everything’s closing. In Italy, it’s bars, restaurants, and museums. More and more businesses are shutting down in the U.S., too. Nobody’s traveling. Nobody’s booking flights, cruises, or hotels.

The impact of all this can be staggering — it can crush the economy.

Start thinking about that before you assume the stock market will just bounce back.

In this video, I have some important tips to help you stay safe while the coronavirus and its aftermath ripple through the stock market.

Fraudsters and newbies are getting crushed. I have 20+ years of experience. Trust me: you’ve gotta recognize the risk. Be cautious. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t predict! React.

Leave a comment: Are you concerned about the coronavirus or not? Or are you concerned or staying nimble? No right or wrong: I’m just curious.

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Timothy Sykes says:

Leave a comment: Are you concerned about the coronavirus or not? Or are you concerned or staying nimble? No right or wrong: I’m just curious.

elliott stanaway says:

I wish more people could see this. I see a man who's done his research and just wants to spread the information . Thankyou

MunKayNuTz _ says:

I have a small account but was able to make some money on BMRA today. Sold too early but as you said trying to stay nimble and look for strong positions. Still made $743 or an increase of about 16% in my account.

I don’t think people are understanding the severity of this enough. That and the Fed’s downplay of the situation, inappropriate testing, and general response is ridiculous. Another way of looking at the stats is taking the deaths and resolved from the total confirmed, then divide deaths by that number to yield a deaths per unresolved cases since whether those patients died or not has yet to be seen. Doing so will give a range of severity between the 2-3% (reported) and 8-9% (our calculation). Spanish flu killed approx 8-9% and this is somewhere in between. That was also at a time when much less of a population existed and less mass transit than today. Since GOV statistics are skewed dramatically since broad testing isn’t available I think it’s higher than they are letting on and deliberately trying to suppress information to avoid hysteria.

Regardless, we need to avoid contact as much as possible and try to stay as hygienic as possible. Good luck out there.

Viviane Silva says:

Hi Tim, I'm looking for a partner travel,you're funny make me laugh 😂 maybe we can talk about penny stocks travelling and enjoy life. I'm a girl that you definitely met before. I'm attracted for intelligence and you guy you caught my attention. Text me and tell what you have more apart from your money 😜

Game tusty:sid J says:

U better stay safe sykes

astrayen 20 says:

I've been watching for a while now…so I'm still lost on the move…and scared, and yes I'm very worried

isaiah mccullen says:

Mr sykes I’m young person and I wanna do more then my friends and family and I think I can do that with the stock market but I’m just so lost and I don’t know that much but I am willing to learn and study so I can live the life that I dream of and I would love you help with this

Basilo Aungbalat says:

Tim, u coughing so bad, i think u should see doctor

Rayan Ali says:

I gave up on my dreams to be a trader but I listen to your comments. Like the Ebola thing right.

Natalie says:

Thank you Tim, I'm very concerned

Joseph Whitaker says:

Thanks and well done. Salutations for talking sense. I have no doubt that you are 100% sincere. One day I'll have the cash to invest in my education. 😉

Priscy Arthur says:

So you are coughing have been tested.

Ezzy Pierre says:

When can I join ur group

L BYS says:

I know with this pandemic going on, but do you plan on doing a meet up at all in LA?

Anthony Skitzki says:

Hey Tim, a bit off topic from the video, but I have been watching your videos and was wondering what software you use when examining stocks.(it is in most of your videos I think)

Arrad says:

Anyone tripping out over the background?? Seriously looks like a green screen

Isaiah Lawson says:

Sorry about virus my prayers are out, and I know tims feeling good about some of these other guru's getting crushed the crashing Market!

Cancer Cure India says:

hi tim,i want to purchase your course but want to know if your techniques will work in indian markets

Sam Marsh says:

I've just finished saving and i'm keeping a close eye on the markets whilst I am studying your work. Any idea what broker I should be using (for long term investments and short trades) as I'm from the UK and Etrade doesn't work here. Also is there any stocks you think should be on my watch list? Thank you

David Smith says:

Hi Tim, Yes I'm alittle concerned being of a advanced age my self. I know I'm high risk. But I see no reason to panic at all.

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