How to successfully scalp the 1 minute GBP USD

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Becoming an expert Price Action Forex trader takes some skill and a lot of understanding on the Forex markets. Fortunately the necessary expertise can be acquired by the study of chart patterns and daily trading activity on any of the major currency pairs.

As I live in Europe and the time zone works for me, I like many thousands of other traders follow the EURO/USD every day and I create two daily videos for my clients outlining where I see the trading opportunities each day.

Understanding Price Action comes from watching and reviewing past price action over many time zones. Only by knowing what has happened in the past in certain situations can we hope to be right about future price points and objectives.

My own personal experience, has taught me that stabbing in the dark, at a price target months in the future and thousands of pips away, is more than likely to end in tears, of course occasionally just like a broken clock that is right twice a day you will hit the jackpot but in between time are likely to face problematic trading conditions.

The attached video sis just one of hundreds of videos from which you will find on You Tube. These are education Forex price action trading informational videos and describe how you can scalp the forex markets as well as trend trade them. As a reversal trader my ultimate objective is to join the trend as the market reverses right at the end of the previous trend thereby maximizing my chance of success.

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Uchiha808 says:

Hi Paul,
I just stumbled across this video and I regard it as the best video I have ever seen, as far as explaining price action is concerned. I can't wait to try your strategy out next week. Thanks!

Luke Spiteri says:

Great video!! Can you recommend a currency pair that i could trade like this between 6pm until say 10pm Uk time. I'm guessing Gbp/Usd or Eur/Usd……. Only time I have spare to trade.

Eric Lebouthillier says:

very nice Paul , i trade the exact same way like you however i trade the the first breakout as well. i do trail trading

juristerei says:

Which indicators do u use? Rsi and stochastic and momentum?

Admin Finesse says:

Loved your way of explaining and trading, simple yet profitable, how it should be. Can't understand how your videos don't have more views! You are droing a great work with this.. I have a question if you could answer me, you talk a lot in other videos about bank trading levels, the support and resistence, do you draw and identify the levels yourself or get them somehow by indicator / etc? Thanks, please keep doing videos!

sana ullah says:

sir kindly show on live account

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