HOW TO SURVIVE A BEAR MARKET πŸ“ˆ Stock Market Crash Course!

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How to survive a stock market crash course! What to do in a bear market when the stock market crashes. Many people have substantial doubts about the stock market and whether or not we will see a stock market crash in 2017 or a stock market crash in 2018. If we see a stock market recession, there are a number of things you can do to protect your money. In this stock market crash course we will be talking about seven things you can do to prepare for a stock market crash and survive a bear market.

1. Say no to high risk investments

Of all the times to invest in high risk investments, an overextended bull market is not one of them. Many advise against high risk investments altogether. If you have high risk investments, consider selling them and do not take more on.

2. Sell off stocks before the crash

If you have doubts about the market, you may want to consider selling off some of your stocks and taking profits off the table. If you are someone who invests in stocks and bonds, it may be wise to allocate more money into bonds or simply hold some cash.

3. Buy defensive investments

Certain sectors have historically held up well and shown durability during poor economic conditions. This includes utilities, consumer staples, healthcare, waste removal and others. Consider loading up on some recession resistant defensive investments!

4. Avoid these stocks before a crash

If you are in the market for investments and you have doubts about the stock market, you should avoid an investment in the following sectors. These sectors are known to be hit the hardest by a recession: Travel, Retail, Auto, Furniture, Construction, Recreational Vehicles, Lumber, Construction Materials and Entertainment.

5. Avoid panic at all costs

The worst decisions we make in the stock market are emotional decisions. The only share price that matters is the share price of the stocks that you own. Remember that losses are on paper until you sell! Avoid selling out of panic at all costs.

6. Dollar cost averaging

If you are looking to invest in an index fund, avoid a lump sum investment. Your best bet is to accumulate shares over time to buy high as well as low to end up paying the market average.

7. Short sell stocks

This is something I have never done myself, but many have used a market crash as an opportunity to short sell or bet against stocks.

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Ryan Scribner says:


Diane Randolph says:

This is one of my favorite videos Ryan, packed with LOTS of info, the kind I need to hear. Thank you

Sean M says:

Should I sell off my stocks now and buy back after the correct? Or should I just hold and wait it out?

irainkoolaid2 says:

okay but a correction doesnt mean huge recession and everyone panicking and going bankrupt right? It doesnt mean the stocks wont come back basically right?

Christopher Stigson says:

Have you survived a bear market?

Kris Guru says:

Very nice video. This video has made me think from various angles. Thanks for all the great work. More excited to see you talk a lot about Market correction.

Bob Knight says:

your missing the big big question.. how to protect your cash.. if the banks collapse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg

gold and silver bullion only.. i can see one more big drop …

MKChip: Money & Life TV says:

Awesome video Ryan. Two long-term bond ETF's to consider is "EDV" and "TLO." These actually went up in value during the 2008 crash.

Invest with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. says:

You points are a little bit off, the first four is exactly what people do wrong, by selling risky assets they make the crash deeper and create a panic that makes everything go down. On top of it, market timing has never proven an applicable tactic, there were fears of a market crash in 2010, imagine how much would have missed out those who sold then.

Nevertheless, it is a very tricky subject and good video, I would add: an all weather portfolio as an interesting option.

Stock Market Investing says:

How much equity do you have in your robinhood portfolio if I may ask?

Joshua Sanchez says:

Nice bear attack analogy πŸΆπŸ‚

Lou Cris says:

I recommend and spread your YouTube. You are the best man on this YouTube! Thank you very much for a great work

Tim Galindo says:

Good video. . Something else just pop up.
Draftkings I was waiting for IPO seemed like a no brainer but then they started getting band from States because it's pretty much gambling not a game of skills. What if they just use bitcoin πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ no need to respond I know u read all comments and are busy but if a video came out think it would be good on your thoughts

Navy Prepper says:


Scorpion Investor says:

I like your videos and occasionally I learn something new or that I had not thought of, but the idea that "losses are only incurred when you sell" is simplistic. In the short term, perhaps yes, but if you hold on to something that is grossly underperforming or in the red for a long time, say years (I am guilty of this too), when you could have sold it, or invested it into something that performs better and with gains, that is a loss too. Holding (forever) onto a losing or underperforming investment is a losing proposition.

Urban wealth says:

What a index fund

i rodrigues says:

can u pls explain debt to equity ration

Money Chasing 101 says:

Would you hold your portfolio if a bear market occurred? Or would you start selling to lock in profits?

helloitsdammy says:

everyone was flipping out on AMD for the past few days on the broad market sell off. it came back up lol. too bad for those who didnt buy

Welby CoffeeSpill says:

Question: You refer to Bear market as a 'Correction'. Corrections I have seen happen,,..and don't last "that" long on a stock. So is a bear correction typically shorter than a Bull market?

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