How To Swing Trade Penny Stocks | Swing Trading Tips and Tricks 2018

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How To Swing Trade Penny Stocks In 2018!
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Kinzo Jones says:

Thanks Bro! Always enjoy your videos.

Daniel D. Andrews says:

$1742 ToDay.

FarKew.Net says:

great video

Dan patino says:

What broker you trade with

Adam Sciberras says:

Thanks Tony! Another great video, more great content, great guy overall. Keep it up!

Rob Hopkins says:

Great information! Thanks for breaking down the patterns and discussing the reasons why the stocks made huge gains, and then the reason why they were selling off after the halts. Did you trade that stock yesterday? If so, where did you buy in and where did you sell off?

Deborah Williams says:

QUESTION: So would one buy at end of green day with good till cancel and set limit and stop?

Kirkland Grandey says:

You look exactly like the singer off The Voice, (top 12) his name is Britton Buchanan. Exactly like him are you a singer too!!!😂😂

Gerald Frank says:

Hey Tony. Are you familiar with the phenomena on ST’s known as @luckeee? If not, check out their much admired posts. Very successful & transparent trader. 👊

Deborah Williams says:

Another great video. Will move to platinum fairly soon because well worth it. Your great.

David Pena says:

great info tony hope you do a live binance vid

luis chavez says:

Good job keep doing videos like this u are the boss in trading. Cheers

Иван Геогргиев says:

Really helpful videos!

kenlee6 says:

Nice videos.Great TA

FC BayernMunich says:

Hi Tony I have a question. Will your penny stock course translate into trading cryptocurrencies?

Alex Miller says:

Solid. Tried to get us both a free stock by signing up for RH via your link, but it redirected me through Google Play. RobinHood customer service needs your username and email associated with your RH account to issue our freebies. 👌 A PM or comment back would be great. Thanks Tony, keep it up!

Giancarlo D says:

so, who do you think will win the world cup?

Chris Lamparter says:

Ty for another great video

Six8z3r0Crypt0 says:

Do you have a step by step guide on how to set up your high of day momentum scanner?

Grigorij says:

Hi Tony! Thank you for videos) are you speak Russian?

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